1. ‘death, you reap not lives but eternal damnation’

    This is a gripping line, tremendous potency in the words.

    I request your permission to quote this, with full credit, of course.

  2. I love the poem, it is so true, Jesus took the keys and conquered hell and now we are free from fear of death and free to live in heaven. Amen

      1. The fate of death is written on the walls of the empty tomb of Jesus Christ Resurrected. No sting; no thing; no victory; no glory.
        Thank you Eric for bringing this to ‘death’s’ attention by way of this poetic reminder.

      2. For those who subscribe – these are inspirational words that hold out hope of a better hereafter. Thank you for sharing. Peace, Eric

    1. Very true Granbee

      Another view that some people hold is > Death is a welcomed Reliever and Doorman to a glorious Life, thanks to Jesus Christ

      Peace, Eric

  3. The very best or ‘good’ among us may see death as a new beginning… those who didn’t let themselves and their standards down. I’m ‘still’ under 50… may life may even not be halfway. I try not to see my remaining years as awaiting death and try to do something productive instead. @D

      1. Very true @ D

        P/s Strange that I found this comment in my ‘spam’ this morning. WP does act up…I emptied my spam folder yesterday and can only wonder how many ‘genuine’ comments got deleted 🙁

  4. Maybe we’re all damned to death. I see it as a normal course of life, the final step on the journey. We all have a beginning and end and the immensity in between is our life. I don’t fear or invite death. It’s just another milestone.

  5. From a Christian point of view: for me, it depends on the definition of “Death”. It can be defined as the opposite of life, and so death is a nothingness, and a very final void, with no hope of anything else. The Bible says that Christ destroyed death. Death can be regarded as separation from God, Who is the source of all life. And we are given the choice between life and death. Those who choose God, choose eternal life and so therefore death (or eternal damnation) has lost its victory and its sting.

  6. Very interesting. Not sure what my take on it is as yet. I suppose I will be thinking about it a lot today.
    I know as a christian that there is no reason to fear death. i will find it hard to pity it too (i think it is just doing its job).

    1. A bit of a dilemma, I agree.

      If Death is merely doing his job – what a job…when is his redemption…I wonder…

      Thank you Selasie – you are right, there really is no need to fear Death. And yes, ‘to pity’ can be tough.

      Peace, Eric

  7. Death deserves not pity nor sorrow, death is the deliverer, the door through which we pass to the land of Souls. The land where we can view the exam results, where we can review the life just led and now shed. Pity and sorrow are emotional energies we should reserve briefly for ourselves before being washed away by the tears we cry for our supposed lack. Death is my friend who has been my ticket to transfer so many times that I bless you Death. Love David

    1. What a refreshing and beautiful approach to Death. I love this David.

      If I may,

      He opens the door (and indeed is the door) for better things for us…but, I wonder…what of him. Many times, we enter (and exit) doors held open by the doorman – with a wave and perhaps a small tip we pass through…what of the doorman, I sometimes wonder…does he ever yearn to join the party or is he destined to press nose against glass and watch the party?

      Is it always about us…what of him?

      See David – now you got me thinking and I thank you for this, Eric

  8. I feel that I can relate this to your earlier post on “My Fear”. We fear of Death only because of the unknown and for some, the untimely manner. But you are right, death only claims the empty shell, our soul remains intact. For so much of fear that death tries to invoke in us, the irony is death has inadvertantly give our soul the freedom to move forth. I was told that when an animal gave up its life to its predator, it surrenders in full submission as if it had a glimpse of what better is to come. This is so enlightening and comforting.

    1. You’ve touched on many issues here, Jasey.

      How humans are hard wired to fear Death – though it is inevitable. How Death actually gives us the ultimate freedon. And very rightly, how prey animals seem to relax in the jaws of the predator…

      Great food for thought, eh?

      Luv and hugz, Eric 🙂

    1. Depending on our beliefs, we move on hereafter – wherever that might be.

      But Death – he is shackled forever to this, his ‘life’…did he chose this or was he pressed into it, I wonder

    1. Thank you Clara B,

      I made it so, to elicit as wide a response as possible. Looking forward to some great comments from the readers.

      Peace, Eric

      (P/s Your blog is marked “private” and inaccessible)

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