1. Thank you Sharmishtha,

      People simply have to believe in HIM – whoever that “HIM” may be according to their Faith. Instead, many are misled by men who claim to hold the keys to heaven, and other snake medicine peddlers…

      Peace and luv, Eric

  1. Just a PERFECT reminder of “Feed My Lambs instructions from our Lord. By the way, I would love your opinion of the guest author post of mine by that title over at http://ptl2010.com (ChristianBlessings), dated 02/18/2012! No, none need be lost. If the Good Shepherd goes out himself to find that one lost sheep. we know none need be lost!

    1. Jesus used language that resonated with peoples of those days – whether farming, animal husbandry, fishing and so forth. These metaphors are timeless. I wonder how dogs, cats, horses and…were viewed.

      Lambs have some significance – helpless as kids, provide wool as sheep and finally slaughtered for meat. Parallels human existence – the slaughterer in our case, the Reaper. How do we wish to be treated? How do we treat our fellow man and feed animals? The large farms live by two words – with efficiency and expedience, not with love and care. I delve into these issues in my forthcoming book, Fallen Grace, The Return – about killing for food and how this fits in with Love and sin.

      I love the ‘verse’ – captures the essence of what you say. Beautiful and earthy. You finished off with – “I offered best kernels to little one most in the wrong”. This is so very right, it seems to me because,

      Man’s wisdom, judgement and rewards pale when compared to God’s.

      All in all a wonderful post. Thank you for this sharing.

      Luv and hugz to Granbee,
      Eric 🙂

  2. So true. If you are lost HE will guide you back on the right way and the right time!! HE just let you be til you find yourself ready!

    Have a good day Eric. Bless you more!


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