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The last two weeks I had been preoccupied with my work and other issues.  In the interim I had been collecting awards and did not get a chance to post these, though on every occasion I had promptly visited my fellow bloggers to thank them. Time to officially acknowledge the following thoughtful and wonderful people:

Genuine Blogger Award

From my very dear and closest of friends, Steph, blogging as Certainly Not Lost Down Under, my heartfelt thanks, appreciation and love for this award on 16 January 2012. Yes, that is how remiss I have been – about a month late! My deep apologies.

Noteworthy Archive Award

And if you know Steph, you will know that she is generous and loves her friends fiercely. She nominated me for a second award – “Noteworthy Archive award” – on the same day.

Thank you my dearest. Lots of hugz and kisses.

One Lovely Blog Award

On 23 January, SOMEONEISWAKINGUPFORGETTING nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog Award”. In addition, he passed on the Candle Lighter and Versatile Blogger awards! How about that – three awards from one blogger on the same day!

I wonder whether a mere ‘Thank You’ is enough. However, thank you!

On 7 February, Gray Poet said this, “I wanted to say that I always enjoy your posts and have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award…If you decline, just know I think you deserve one for the words that you share.”

I accepted the awarded wholeheartedly. Thank you Charles of Gray Poet.

The Versatile Blogger

On 28 January, another dear friend, Ann who blogs as I Have The Perfect Life? – that is a question, not a statement – won the Versatile Blogger Award and decided to pass it on. That question is layered, if you think about it.

She said, “How beautiful to find your words this morning… I’ve enjoyed reading your stories and messages of love and kindness…. I’m sharing you with my followers and honouring you with (another well-deserved!!!) Versatile Blogger Award!”

For me, Ann’s words carry more weight than this award, and I shall treasure this. Thank you dear.

As mentioned above, SOMEONEISWAKINGUPFORGETTING also gave me the Versatile Blogger Award on 23 January 2012.

Cindy, blogging as onemindmanydetours – I love that caption 🙂 won the Versatile Blogger Award and the generous person she is, she was kind enough to nominate me on 30 January 2012. And Cindy had this to say, “I have enjoyed your posts very much and hope others will enjoy them too.”

Thank you, Cindy. Such words matter for me.

You know what they say – when it rains…

The very next day, 31 January, I received another Versatile Blogger Award, and this time from PONDERINGPROCASTINATOR who said, “…I was recently reading your blog and really enjoyed it.”

Thank you so very much.

Here I am reeling from this outpouring of appreciation and anaturalfire, blogging as streams of consciousness comes with another Versatile Blogger Award on 2 February complete with a little title “MR. Versatility!” or “Mr V” for short.

Thank you anaturalfire and I hope to live up to the raised bar.

On 9th February, blessedbklynite blogging as Just One Voice passed on the Versatile Blogger Award that she has won. That is sweet. Please do visit blessedbklynite for some nuggets.

Thank you and I remain humbled.

Candle Lighter Award

On 31 January, Gunjan, blogging as Wishing Circle, nominated me for the Candle Lighter Award. I love Gunjan’s interesting posts and recommend that you drop by to see what she is up to.

SOMEONEISWAKINGUPFORGETTING also gave me this award on 23 January. That is a double barrel…Thank you both 🙂

Awesome Blog Content

Sweet Francina, blogging as Seasons Poetry won the Awesome Blog Content award and decided to nominate me for it on 6 February. Incidentally, if you have not visited her, please do so. She presents a potpourri of photography and poetry.

What can I say, Francina – love your posts and love this award. Ciao 🙂

Sirenia, blogging as My Own Avalon, stopped by bearing more gifts – another ABC Award – on 8 February 2012.

I tell you there is a wonderful conspiracy in progress – all you lovely people are intent on spoiling me 🙂  Thank you dear Sirenia.

Congratulations one and all, for having attracted the admiration of fellow bloggers and won these recognition. Thank you also for recognising my attempts.

Thank you for giving me that oomph to continue to help entertain, reflect, share, learn and grow from each other’s writings, imageries and thoughts. God bless.