1. Wow! Christine,

      I love the way you quoted that “friend” – he must be very blessed to count you in his circle 🙂

      Peace and luv,
      P/s:You spoil me with your kind words

  1. Can’t help but feels that the author has a wry sense of humor (which is enjoyable to read) and yet effectively delivers the message. This is cynically funny.

  2. Eric, how many people we see (including ourselves on some days!) thinking they have “arrived” when they actually caught the wrong train! I partially did this with the type of writing (technical only) I spent my time on for decades, having diverted at the switching yard of “what pays more” and “how can I succeed faster with less effort” and “what do my family and friends think I should do?” Excellent and very, very keep haiku here, Eric!

    1. You know Granbee,

      I alway get a peek into your life experiences based on what you write. You peeled several layers of the meaning I buried into this haiku.
      Luv and hugz, Eric

      P/s: Technical writing you say…I don’t recall you mentioning this anywhere in your blog

  3. I laughed out loud at this one and yet it is profound…many souls think they have arrived whilst various trains go whizzing past, others catch inappropriate ones which sidetrack their journey…others leap aboard brightly coloured ones yelling ‘bring it on’…a multitude of travel options here, too numerous to mention…we are all journeying and in this lifetime our destination is onto the next realm I believe…great post Eric…well done buddy – Jane x

    1. My dear Jane,
      As I expected, you caught on to the many layered messages in these few words. Yes, at one level it is quite funny but as you delve into it…
      Thank you and all the very best, buddy.

  4. Immediately coming to mind were my waits at a Singapore station, and my waits at a Hong Kong station. The people in Singapore hurry slowly if you can understand what I mean by that. It means they don’t give the appearance they’re anxious to rush to mass destruction.. or attand an English football match which is much the same thought. Now waiting on a station in HongKong, Tokyo or Seoul is a life threatening experience. No time to “think” there whether it be for abstract art or just plain self preservation. LOL.

  5. hello eric,
    i am regular visitor of your blog. i also desire to become a poet.i think you also went through my blog. can you suggest the scope of improvement in my style of poetry.

    1. Thank you for visiting my posts.
      I am no poet but one who crafts from the heart – how does one transfer that, I wonder.
      One small pointer – keep your poems short – you can say more with less.
      All the very best with your poetry,

  6. I am on a continous curiosity of life journey. Sometimes i think I will never "arrive"
    but that's okay....
    I will have many beautiful memories when that moment "arrives"

    I like! Eric....

  7. I interpret this one to be about taking chances, leaving the safety net of the train station and pursuing one’s dreams. Short and sweet like chocolate!

  8. Seems for once I’m the first to comment. I’m almost lost for words, but then I am lostupabove for something. 😉
    You are right Eric, most people do not see very clear in their situation; the way you put it, their lack of insight becomes very funny. (I often miss the train, but that is because I left home too late. :-))
    While you are preparing for breakfast, I’m ready to go to bed. Goodnight dear Eric
    Love, Sleepy Steph xxx

    1. Dear Steph,

      As I had often mentioned, poetry is like a mirror. We all look into it and see different images. The same with this haiku. But perhaps this once, I’ll reveal what I glimpse…

      In this world, where rats are in a never ending race, when one reaches the ‘pinnacle’ (whatever that might be) their chest puffs out…”I have arrived…” Oh really?

      Luv and hugz, Eric

      1. This is what I also read. I got one right! hehe. 🙂

        Although, I love the fact that we are all able to take away our own meaning. I had much rather discover the writer’s meaning. To me, this is the true challenge.

      2. Dear Christine,

        You can also view poetry as if it is a woman – quiet, smiling, a little aloof, alluring and revealing little. It is for us to approach and discover her true beauty and depth. Moreover, when I write a poem, I am not only conveying my thoughts but eagerly anticipate learning from others – their interpretations of the same words. Yes, unlike prose, poetry is more challenging for the writer and reader.

        These are my words, in summary:
        With prose – we admire the beauty of words.
        With poetry – we marvel at the depths.

        For example:

        The ship sets sail
        From the pier she waves
        What does she dwell on
        Her sadness, he is gone
        Or anticipation…
        Of their reunion
        Am I to dictate, how she should feel
        ….what her eyes reveal

        This poem is specially for you – it is yours, if you want it

        Peace, Eric 🙂

      3. First…you are my friend. 🙂 …my intelligent friend. lol I couldn’t help it!

        Your poem is beautiful and I will always cherish it. Thank you!
        It is rather odd that you chose the words you chose.
        I think you know me quiet well already. Scary that you could know someone so quick, but warming. I loved it.

        The reason I say it is odd…this is how I feel now since Jeff died, when I watch my children drive off. I feel like I am in the distance waving them off praying for a return. I try not to dwell on it, but it is a nagging feeling. I have learned to say a little prayer and ask God for their safe return. When they drive off, he is in my mind…

        What does she dwell on
        Her sadness, he is gone
        Or anticipation…
        Of their reunion

        Both! 🙂 I am sitting here staring at the screen. Eric, you have done it again. Simply Beautiful! When I first read it, it took my breath. Image of me: suck air, hand over mouth, smile…

      4. Dear Christine,

        You bless me…

        The words for this poem flowed in less than 3 minutes…certainly it is not of my making because I know my limitations. It must be Him. I am blessed to be His hand tool…and you, my friend, made it possible.

        Thank you from the pits of my being.

      5. Dearest Eric

        I’ve hesitated for a while, but I think I will do it now. Here’s my version,(I mean a version that would fit me very well) of your haiku:

        “Late again” I think
        Arriving at the station
        Missed the train once more 😀

        You do not have to publish this, but the words kept coming again and again.I hope my silliness can make you smile a little

        Love and hugs and a big kiss
        Your friend Steph xxx

      6. Dear Eric,
        I did nothing but rearrange you words, so that they expressed my first comment about me missing the train because I left home too late. I thought that with a few changes that would be done. All the credit is yours; as I already said before, I’m a great copier but a lousy writer.
        Love and a big kiss, because you were so nice to me.
        Sreph xx

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