In 1968, when the Soviets rolled into Prague, my teacher posed a question: How best to prevent a global conflagration. Like all 13 year-olds, I had the solutions to all the world’s ills. I proposed that every country leader submit to having a poison capsule implanted in their body – a capsule that can be triggered to melt when that leader declared war. With the prospect of being the first casualty, if he still wants war, let him declare it.

My teacher called me ‘stupid’ – he was wrong… ‘naive’ perhaps.



    1. Dear ‘bumbas’

      I have only pity for lousy teachers.

      Old men sending off young men to die is not new – true – but that does not make it right. Men have made a balls of things, perhaps we need to elect women (in particular women with families) into top posts. I don’t think they will do worse…perhaps do much better!

      Peace to all, (especially to old war mongers)

  1. Whoever called you stupid was no teacher! Teaching may have been a job they happened to have, BUT they were not a teacher at all. That really infuriates me that someone would say that to a student! Obviously they were wrong and then some!!!!!! Nice poetry Eric! Looks like you are the one doing a good job of teaching now!

    1. Thank you Terri.
      Now, many parents are outraged when teachers put down children rather than encourage them…even when they do wrong.
      But in the 1960s Naval Base School of Singapore, teachers routinely berated students and worse – regularly slapped children. As you read the flash fictions on Mechanic Leigh, more shall be released. Incidentally, all the Mechanic Leigh stories are based on true events.
      Peace, Eric

  2. Hi Eric!
    Thanks for the ‘like’ on my page, and I love your story, idea and poem. 🙂 You definitely deserve all the awards you’ve been receiving!
    As a girl, I was hit emotionally by the (First) Gulf War, and at that point determined that the leaders of any country that want to battle should sit down for a one-on-one game of Battleship or Chess.
    I like to hope that the “Change of Consciousness” predicted for 2012 will lean more toward this pacifist ideology. Naive? I prefer to look at it as “forward-thinking.”
    My best to you and yours,

    1. That is sad to know, my dear.
      I can only hope that though scars remain, the pain is blunted somewhat. If you are ‘naive’ so am I and millions of peace loving people all over the world in every country. We will prevail, we must…it is imperative…inevitable.
      Thank you for your compliments on my writings and feel free to drop in anytime as I will at your site.
      All good wishes,

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