Thank you thebeautifuls for nominating my blog for the Versatile Blogger Award on 10th January 2012. I happily accept so that I can pass it on to others.

The three (3) things we need to do:

(i)                 Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post – Done with pleasure

(ii)               Share seven things about myself.

Please forgive me if I repeat myself as I need to keep some things private 🙂

  1. As a young man, my dream was to become a lawyer but ended up an engineer.
  2. Having said that, I enjoyed my time in aerospace engineering.
  3. I received my engineer’s licence at age 21.
  4. I trained as an engineer in the UK and USA.
  5. I am trained on both rotary (helicopters) and fixed (aeroplanes) wing aircraft.
  6. I spent most of the first 20 years in engineering workshops.
  7. I still have my toolbox to remember my roots.

(iii)       Nominate 15 bloggers. My nominations, not in any order of merit, are:

  12. The Poet’s Craft/The Olding Poet

Congratulations, all nominees. You are free to accept/decline/ignore this award. There is no time limit to exercise your acceptance – as far as I know. This is supposed to be fun and not stressful.

Happy Blogging throughout 2012.

Eric 🙂



  1. Congrats over and over, Eric! You are always deserving of every honor possible. I am not familiar with a single on of the blogs you nominated: shame on me. I had not been aware you were a fixed wing AND a helicopter pilot. Helps when you are performing tests and gathering data as an aeronautical engineer. Are you familiar with an aeronautical engineer named Joe Thompson, author of “tomcat” software for running flight data on new wing and body designs? He led the team at Mississippi State University in the late 70s,early 80s holding a subtract under Boeing(I think?) to develop the airfoil for the first NASA space shuttle. He could never write the way you do, I am sure!

    1. Dear Granbee,

      Thank you for your sweet words.

      The bloggers I nominated are all my “subcribees” who have been silently supporting me since I started blogging. All of them have potential and many are excellent. Though I have a certain written ‘voice’, I am learning new ‘voices’ by reading widely differing styles from all of them.

      You have given a bit of a write-up on engineering – makes me wonder what day job you did/do. No, I do not know of Joe Thompson but from what you say, he is probably a much better engineer than I ever was.

      Luv and hugz to my Granbee, Eric 🙂

    1. Thank you Jane,
      As you know it takes some effort to research and pass on these awards, but it is time well spent to recognise other bloggers…akin to stopping to smell these lovely flowering blogs.
      Luv, Eric

      1. ? huh? – no I’m perfectly fine 🙂 all is well here- if it’s because I wrote that I was feeling ‘drained’- it was because I’ve been recently working late; and I was also writing the award post very early in the morning without sleeping first- but other than that I’m not going through anything atm and I’m fine- thank you for your concern . Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Congratulations again on your nomination and thank you again for nominating me for my third one. Coming from such a thoughtful person with a site with such credentials and wonderful writings means a lot and motivates me just a little bit more. Thanks.

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