1. God Bless man. thank you for website. I don’t ever get to nominate you first, cuz we’re usually in the same nomination pool, or something. but, i love your blog. i really respect your overall message & how you use ur blog. I really appreciate the support you give reading mine. I hope your Christmas, & this entire next year is chalked full of happiness, discovery, blessings, & peace. God Bless, Unwritten Truth

    1. @unwrittentruth

      Thank you for your visit, kind words and well wishes.
      I enjoy your posts too, buddy – keep blogging.
      God bless you and shower His Grace on all you do.
      P/s – we will get round to nominating each other – I am sure 🙂

  2. There may be books
    for faces known
    Ornithological calls
    for thoughts
    now flown

    We’ve space directions
    can’t follow stars
    Packing so many horses
    can’t get that far

    Kings still kill firstborn
    just to clear the heir
    Misers toot pewter horns
    just to steal another’s fare

    BUT, we have the sacred
    season’s thought
    The peace on earth
    simply ISN’T fought

    Thank you for stopping by, then giving such a good read/ thought.The above is a distant mirror of your sending.

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