We all know the story of Mary and Joseph, how they spent a night in the manger, for want of a room in an inn. A few years ago in Singapore, a newspaper decided to put to test several hotels. They dispatched a reporter and his ‘wife’ both dressed simple, identical to the droves of Indian labourers who keep Singapore swept and clean.

He claimed to be newly arrived from India, lost his passport and money and needed a room for just one night. His ‘wife’ was heavily ‘pregnant’. Without fail every hotel turned them away.

When the news broke, the hotels went into overdrive with several claiming that they saw through the ruse.

This post is not to comment on the method employed by the newspaper or the response of the hotels. But to say,

That is all we need to do, be open.



  1. Eric, a story that hits close too home far too often…

    p.s. thanks for your visit at 5wise.wordpress.com (LightWriters)…I definitely want to get browse your amazing writing collection, learn more about your novels…and will add you to my blogroll. God bless!

  2. Thanks for this, a simple truth that brings the nativity story back into the present, where it always belongs!

    1. Thank you, Yousei
      Most people know all these truths.
      We poets don’t reveal anything new. We simply give a tiny nudge and let the ripples cover the world.
      All good wishes,

  3. Most of the time people judge by the cover, so we have to be reminded. Especially in this beautiful season of giving, a warm heart is more than anything.

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