In this changing world, why do some people speak of:

Their perfect partner…

The perfect solution…

The perfect game plan…

When people call themselves perfectionist, I assume they use this as a synonym for journeyman.

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  1. Life is indeed a marathon, not a sprint. I feel when one comes to the full realization and awareness of this, life gets THAT much better. Your pace slows down a bit, but your drive/motivation/comfort increases. You are always looking to push yourself, but at a healthy pace. This was a refreshing reminder. I enjoyed your post as well as your comment on my blog about Extraterrestrials.Cheers to you my friend!

    1. Many thanks for your comments – great to know that we share many things in common.
      I enjoyed your post on Extraterrestrials – I am finalising a novel, Fallen Grace, The Return which touches on similar themes.
      All good wishes, eric

  2. Perfect :)…Seriously, I am glad I found this otherwise, lost note. Perfection = willing to learn while we are in a state of limited awareness of what perfect is.

    1. You are so very right.
      Green may be the colour of envy in some societies – but as you mention in your blog, not so in the east.
      Thank you for stopping by, Eric

  3. Wow. This hits home. I am a perfectionist and it is a curse.

    A counselor at a high school in town gave my son a sort of poem that distinguishes between Excellence and Perfection:

    Excellence is willing to be Wrong; Perfection is being right.
    Excellence is journey; Perfection is destination
    Excellence is risk; Perfection is fear

    It is longer than this but these are some of my favorites.

    BTW I was reading Poets and Writers magazine last night. A poet who is also an engineer wrote a beautiful essay. The gist: You are a Writer First; First and Always. The career, the paycheck is what allows us to Be Poets. We are Poets.

    Peace, Jen

    1. Hello Jen,

      I can empathize with how you feel about being a perfectionist. This is a gift as long as we donโ€™t impose our standards on others โ€“ I reckon.

      And who says engineers canโ€™t write ๐Ÿ™‚ Right? Thank you.

      All good wishes, Eric

  4. Perfect like beautiful is to the beholder – what is suitable and what works – it is very subjective. Journey seems as if there is a destination for the term perfect, but who defines this. For me, perfection like blemishes are situational. Thank you always for the inspirational thoughts you shared.

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog and Liking one of my posts. You are certainly a gifted writer and you have so much to give and to share. I am sure that a lot of good will result from your work. Merry Christmas to you and may your holidays be filled with real joy. Be safe and be blessed. Prov 3:5-6

    1. Kind sir,
      Thank you for your generous words.
      I say this in all sincerity โ€“ whatever I have, is God given; whatever I lost, is through my folly; and, whatever ‘I’ yearn for, is not meant to be.
      I wish upon you God’s Grace, Love and Peace,

  6. Eric – thanks for stopping by and liking my post the other day. You have a really great blog – I like the variety and your content.

    I no longer use terms like perfect. I don’t even use the term good enough anymore. One is unattainable, the other not enough. Mostly, things are what they are at that moment.

    I had to laugh at your fiction, mostly because it sounds like little boys everywhere and not just Singapore. It’s the universal truth of being a child at that time.


    1. Nancy, thank you for your comments and kind words.

      You are absolutely right – “things are what they are at that moment” – that is why I prefaced my post with “In this changing world”.

      Glad that Mechanic Leigh’s journal gave you a laugh. It is amazing, isn’t it, how much we have in common.

      Keep documenting your life in photos – we need to leave our footprints behind…every drop counts, I reckon.


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