Careful what you seek

The hand into the pit

 The foot into the deep

The unturned log

Careful what you seek

The letter hidden deep

 The text message from your peek

 The unknown call

Careful what you seek…for

@ Eric Alagan, 2011


    1. Two women, both suspected their husbands of having an affair.

      One confronted her man, divorced and lives bitterly ever after – as the thought of betrayal keeps her company and tears her insides out. At age sixty-five she remains a man-hater.

      The second did not dig – she did not want that truth for company – but made extra efforts to make their marriage work. Because deep down she knew her man was good. He returned to her and never left her side. They are now in their early fifties.

      The above are based on true stories. We know both couples – failed with the first but succeeded in helping the second stay together.

      Some truths, make poor travelling companions, I reckon.

      1. I failed to find an appropriate line to stick those words of thought into the entry. So i riddled it in there instead 😉 Glad you liked it Eric 🙂

  1. Lovely Yes we need to be careful of what we wish for and/or seek for…good reminder…truth is like a shadow travels with us as a faithful companion…we may ditch it every now, try to ingore it and then but it nevers leaves us ….

    1. Lisa and I help couples with matrimonial issues. It is amazing how both men and women insist on digging into the past.

      A man had an affair, regretted it and after that became faithful as faithful can be. Many years later, the wife got wind of it and insisted on digging it up – 12 years after his affair ended. They are divorced now. He remarried and she is now a lonely and bitter 50 year-old.

      When we first suggested not to, she insisted and hired a private investigator.

      The man was wrong, no excuses but I still scratch my head…

      1. oh sad but past does have some quirky ways of catching up….its sad the woman has lost faith,and had the wife betrayed i am sure that man would have done the same..its not easy to forgive or forget….
        both you and Lisa are wonderful people giving back so much to society,helping and spreading warmth and love
        bless you both

  2. Gentle reminders about what we must seek is better to me than a forged ahead action that misses the beat of love. This is a great reminder to me of what facts I do not need to find because what is in me, is always the answer. Blessings be.

  3. Good morning, Eric, and thank you for these lines. Yes, Truth is our travelling companion who guides us towards Reality. A journey with many adventures ; but a journey without end !

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