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Remember when we were in school; when we graduated; and after serving two years in the military. Remember how after each milestone, we dreamt of what we hoped to accomplish; what we will be; where we will go; and, how we will treat the people around us – our parents, our siblings, our spouse, our children, our friends and colleagues…strangers and enemies?

Remember all that?

For those of us who are now well past our fifties, sixties and beyond, what did we discover at stock take?

Have we cleared the markers with smiles or with regrets?

Do we wish to start anew?

Careful now, as you never know – you might just get your wish as Damien discovers in the forthcoming novel: Fallen Grace – The Return, due first quarter 2012.  Scary for most but for the discerning, it speaks of hope.

DESTINY by Eric Alagan      Copyright @ 2011 by Eric Alagan


Sportsman he, mobbed by

          Squealing schoolgirls, envied by friends.

Scholar, feted by  

          Government, fawned by family.

High-flyer, blessed by

          Out-of-box, helicopter views.

Trail blazer, sought by

          Newshounds, framed on magazines.


Consummate lover, gentleman.

Caring father, a filial son.

Mountains a dozen to conquer.

Rivers to fjord, records to break.

Kind and considerate, is he.

Pious and charitable, they say.

So much to accomplish in life.

Where will he ever find the time?


Twilight reveals, his

          Disappointments, disillusions.

Twilight reveals, his

          Goals unrealized, failures met.

Twilight reveals, his

          Station in life to reconcile.

Twilight, reveals, oh

         My God, is this my destiny?

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