I don’t recall how I acquired Streak, if ‘acquired’ was the correct word.

One day, a brown puppy appeared – or was left behind in our backyard – I don’t know but there he was, chasing all the chicken. He was about two months’ old and still had the baby fat that made all new-born puppies adorable and huggable.

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  1. When I was in second grade my family also acquired some dogs, two in this case. My family had just bought their first house, in Lubbock Texas, and my parents would not let the dogs in the house. My father built a pen for them in the back of the house and they had to stay outside. They were rat terriers, a small dog bred for catching rats, and my parents named them Mike and Ike (a nickname of the president of the US at the time, whom my father admired). Because they were kept outside I never became close to the dogs. It makes me sad to remember them. The weather was not harsh there, so they were comfortable, but I think they were lonely for human companionship. To this day, I get very angry when I see an animal being mistreated or neglected. It is a tender spot in my conscience.

    1. I had great fun with my first pet dog – but his demise was traumatic for me…

      Glad these episodes help with recollections…hopefully with much fun but where painful, hopefully with less pain…

  2. **big big grin** LOL…I can’t believe I only just discovered these stories about Mechanic Leigh!!! Hilarious!!!!! I just love the way he’s speaking to both the reader and himself….. I love it!!! And I’ve only reached #6 [my personal favourite thus far:-)] !!! Can’t wait to read the rest!

  3. There was a stray dog which I named ‘Happy’. Happy gave birth to two puppies in a multi-storey carpark near my block. People who parked their vehicles in this carpark fed Happy. Unfortunately, one unkind soul called AVA. Happy together with her pups were taken away.

  4. The same of my dog – barks a lot but afraid of the mother hens and rooster. Why the term “chicken” then ???

      1. We call him “blackie” because he was completely “black” when he was a puppy but somehow shed to grey when he grew up but the name stuck. Loves to snuggle up our feet when we sit on the high bench with our feet dangling. I think your Streak is very interesting.

  5. This mechanic Leigh has a caucasian name but experiences all the local “kampong” kids growing up story. The dog’s name is unique though. Next story will be related to the chickens and ducks ???

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