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Tiger skin – usually from a tiger hunted by the king himself. As Tamilakam produced steel (6th BCE) I assume the king wore the tiger pelt over the metal breastplate.



    1. Hello Ben,

      Many people get their “historical facts” from movies and YouTube videos. Even many of the current “documentaries” do not live up to the rigours of research.

      When I write novels, I rely on history books written by researchers/historians. When I post my videos (for example, I’m running a series on my book Song of the Ankle Rings on my Facebook page and also here on my blog) – you’ll be surprised by the kind of vitriol I receive on Facebook. Less than 5% but they are loud and downright offensive. The majority are well-informed/eager to learn/magnanimous but afraid to speak up – I can tell this from the number of “likes” versus the vitriol.

      Perhaps this is one reason many authors shy away from writing historical novels based on South Indian history – just saying.


  1. Yes, you did much research as evidenced in the posts related to your books on South Indian history. You seem to enjoy such discoveries.

    My heartiest congratulations to you on making it to the best sellers list, Eric.

    1. Thank you, Windy dear

      Yes, I quite enjoy the research and discoveries.

      It’s readers such as yourself who keep me going.

      My heartfelt thanks to you,

    1. Thank you, Ian.

      Self-promotion requires one to overcome some mental blocks. It’s hard on me but fellow indie authors (those who have been there, done that) advise that I’ve to bite the bullet.

      Glad that you liked the picture 🙂


  2. Hi Eric,

    Wearing the tiger pelt -is it to show their hunting skills and bravery or is it related to superstitious belief? Curious to know. You brought out many interesting ancient practices in your posts.

    1. Hello Windy,

      I doubt there are superstitious underpinnings in wearing tiger pelts. But I may be wrong. Wearing animal pelts is probably to showcase their bravery and hunting skills.

      Most people get their “history lessons” from watching movies. During my research on ancient South India, I noticed that kings of period movies did not wear animal pelts. They were always decked out in fine armour, jewellery and silks. It was the tribals – the less civilized – who wore animal skins. This is false, as information gleaned from extant writings – which I rely on – proves otherwise. Hence, this quick post.

      All good wishes for the week ahead,

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