You are your biggest competitor.

Try outdoing the one in the mirror.

Keep at it – day after day, year after year.

It’s tougher than you think.

But you’ll reach your zenith.

And surprise yourself.

Ready – Set – Go!

Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2019


  1. If you mean physically, even keeping up with ourself is an uphill task, LOL.
    If you mean spiritually, maybe our soul has become softer and kinder, that’s probably the better change we are seeking.

    1. Hello Windy,

      You’re right – with physical prowess, beyond a certain age it will be tough to keep up with oneself.

      I meant skills and cerebral and spiritual developments.

      Thank you, Windy, I appreciate you pointing out the shortcoming in my posted message. I could have done better.


  2. Yes that’s a good teaching. Competing with one’s self is based on an entirely different principle to competing with others which at the bottom line is based on jealousy.

    1. Hello Ian,

      Yes, incremental improvements – against one’s previous record – will get us far without jealousies holding us back or rendering us less likable.


  3. This is quite a departure from your usual literary format . I enjoyed it and found it as provocative as most of your posts. Great image of a horse although I didn’t connect him with the poem’s message.

    1. Hello Jane,

      This is my last “Tuesday” post where I post flash fiction covering various genre and formats. But this post does not fall in the flash fiction category.

      My Friday posts (which require plenty of research) on ancient India and other writing commitments are sucking up too much of my time. Starting May 2019, until further notice, I’ll be posting only once a week (Fridays) and cover ancient Indian history.

      I know that many readers will drop off. But I hope to retain history buffs.

      All good wishes,
      P/s. I agree, the image of the horse is not exactly ideal for this post.

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