1. Buy on the rumor, sell on the news. – Wall Street adage
    The same puppet master behind both reports. We can only float on the surface and not know what is hidden below. But this is not only relevant to the stock market, it can also relate to our safety. People celebrate and danger strike.

    1. Nero strummed, Rome burned
      Plebeians live on handouts
      Chasing paper wealth

      Hello Windy,

      You’re right – same master commissions both reports. Their greatest source of strength? The ignorance of the public.


  2. Good parallel there. Just as surely as the tsunami wipes out and destroys it does recede and renewal takes place. Just like the economic cycle you describe so cleverly.

  3. Dear Eric,

    The world of false profits, alive and well. Only a matter of time before the next financial disaster, but by then the oligarchs of America will be counting their stash behind fortified gates, chortling at the masses who lost everything.

    Great to read your words, Sir!

    With warmest wishes your way,
    Paul 🙂

    1. Leaders and the led
      Even now, pharaohs and slaves
      Modern society?

      Dear Paul,

      You’re right. It always amazes me how supposedly clever people dig holes for themselves. Avarice debilitates.

      Peace, my friend 🙂

  4. If you would choose a title like “By the sea”, you can use it again as another Haiku…
    …interesting, who some things can mean completely different things, depending on the context.

    1. Nature teaches us
      Similarities abound
      Students play truant

      You’re right – there is a literal angle.

      After the 2004 Asian Tsunami – many of us know the dangers of a receding sea. But there are many more who don’t recognise the same in a market bubble.


    1. Fair value sounds fair
      Backroom boys decide value
      Frogs in hot water

      Hello Bill,

      Trust that all is well.

      Markets – stock market, commodity market – distort cost price (of producer) and selling price (to consumer). The middle men – and by this I refer to Wall Street type vultures – add no value to the supply chain. The system does not allow us to peg fair value, I reckon.


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