1. Dear Eric,

    The Moon, in all its ancient mysteries, peers upon us and triggers conflicting emotions. But always, between Lovers, it remains an alluring glowing presence, shining its brilliance on entwined limbs glistening in the depths of a Romantic nocturne, an evening laced in a heated sheen of heavenly delight.

    Always my pleasure to read your words, dear friend.

    Take care,

    1. Uses borrowed light
      Stokes love, but also evil
      Howling at the moon

      Hello Paul,
      Thank you for your profuse words which always hold a dash of elegance and compel reflection.
      Keep well, my dear friend,

    1. Great discoveries
      Never to be repeated
      Ancient rites fulfilled

      Hello Shalilah,

      That is lovely, as most of us do remember the first. Some with joy, some with less.

      Good of you to visit and drop a comment.

      All good wishes,

    1. Reproduced here the haiku I posted on your site:

      The end of the day
      Holds promises for many
      Lovers in embrace

      Have a great weekend ahead, Lauren 🙂

  2. Either the beginning of future sunshine days or nightmare after reality sets in.
    Naughty moon can help or deceive.

    1. Never blame the moon 🙂
      Happiness demands effort
      We reap what we sow

      But you’re right, Windy,

      Hollywood and purveyors of happiness would have us believe in ‘happily ever after’. If it were only true.

      Trust that your week is chugging along fine,

    1. All men become poets
      When the right one comes along
      A broken record

      Hello Jane,
      A bit of a dampener, my haiku response. Perhaps this might keep to the emotions:

      All men become poets
      When the right girl comes along
      Husband the music 🙂


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