1. Great Haiku, and the boat rocks; seems to be taking on water as well. It is interesting to hear how the rest of the world views the USA political scene.

    1. The choices are not exactly stellar…

      Unfortunately in Singapore too, many of the current politicians – on both sides of the divide – come across as self-serving or incompetent. Call me cynical but I notice a pattern of behaviour bolstered by a gap in what is said and what is done. No immediate dangers but in 10 years or less, the fissures will become apparent even to those living in ignorance-is-bliss land.

    1. Hello Stephen,
      Welcome back. Good to see you here – and after so long too.

      As I’ve always maintained:

      “No matter the name of the players and institutions,
      There will always be ‘pharaoh’
      There will always be ‘slave’
      And bridging the gap…
      A bunch of snake oil vendors.”

      All good wishes,

      1. All you need to do is stand on a borrowed soap box and make a speech – and see your snake oil sell hotter than hot watches.

        Here is an extract from the Brother’s Grinn book. They capture it well.

        Brother Grinn: Okay, let’s meet the constituents, Brother Grinn.

        Brother Grinn: Hey lady, keep that brat of yours away, will you!

        Brother Grinn: You don’t expect us to kiss drooly mouth, do you?

        Brother Grinn: Yeah, the brat is so ugly, he surely takes after you!

        Brother Grinn: The broad is smiling. She actually thinks we’re funny.

        Brother Grinn: We’re on Saturday Night Live, Brother Grinn.

        Brother Grinn: Okay, one vote in the box. Next!

        Brother Grinn: Hey fatso, you’re so fat you need a mirror to see if you still have your teeny!

        Brother Grinn: Yeah, have another beer. Work your elbow.

        Brother Grinn: We promise more wages for the working man.

        Brother Grinn: Another sucker in the bag, Brother Grinn.

        Brother Grinn: Yeah. And we stand for freedom, for free speech, save the environment.

        Brother Grinn: Good one, Brother Grinn. The environment thingy really hooks them. Keep going.

        Brother Grinn: Yeah, we want to save the polar bear and the quoll and-

        Brother Grinn: Quoll? Brother Grinn.

        Brother Grinn: Saw it on Nat Geo.

        [Applause! Applause! Applause! – and more Applause!]

        Latest polls show Slippery Slick is leading the race to the… He has run out of snake oil and has ordered more from China.

  2. In some places, line 1 is a minority, the rest cannot or don’t see, hence line 2 does not happen or maybe`suppress, and line 3, the puppet master prevails.

    Once in a while, you bring out the cynicism in us, Eric.

    1. Hello Windy,
      The saying goes – no smoke without fire. I like to think some opinions are referred to as cynicism until it becomes a known fact.

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