1. The choices are not exactly stellar…

      Unfortunately in Singapore too, many of the current politicians – on both sides of the divide – come across as self-serving or incompetent. Call me cynical but I notice a pattern of behaviour bolstered by a gap in what is said and what is done. No immediate dangers but in 10 years or less, the fissures will become apparent even to those living in ignorance-is-bliss land.

    1. Hello Stephen,
      Welcome back. Good to see you here – and after so long too.

      As I’ve always maintained:

      “No matter the name of the players and institutions,
      There will always be ‘pharaoh’
      There will always be ‘slave’
      And bridging the gap…
      A bunch of snake oil vendors.”

      All good wishes,

      1. All you need to do is stand on a borrowed soap box and make a speech – and see your snake oil sell hotter than hot watches.

        Here is an extract from the Brother’s Grinn book. They capture it well.

        Brother Grinn: Okay, let’s meet the constituents, Brother Grinn.

        Brother Grinn: Hey lady, keep that brat of yours away, will you!

        Brother Grinn: You don’t expect us to kiss drooly mouth, do you?

        Brother Grinn: Yeah, the brat is so ugly, he surely takes after you!

        Brother Grinn: The broad is smiling. She actually thinks we’re funny.

        Brother Grinn: We’re on Saturday Night Live, Brother Grinn.

        Brother Grinn: Okay, one vote in the box. Next!

        Brother Grinn: Hey fatso, you’re so fat you need a mirror to see if you still have your teeny!

        Brother Grinn: Yeah, have another beer. Work your elbow.

        Brother Grinn: We promise more wages for the working man.

        Brother Grinn: Another sucker in the bag, Brother Grinn.

        Brother Grinn: Yeah. And we stand for freedom, for free speech, save the environment.

        Brother Grinn: Good one, Brother Grinn. The environment thingy really hooks them. Keep going.

        Brother Grinn: Yeah, we want to save the polar bear and the quoll and-

        Brother Grinn: Quoll? Brother Grinn.

        Brother Grinn: Saw it on Nat Geo.

        [Applause! Applause! Applause! – and more Applause!]

        Latest polls show Slippery Slick is leading the race to the… He has run out of snake oil and has ordered more from China.

  1. In some places, line 1 is a minority, the rest cannot or don’t see, hence line 2 does not happen or maybe`suppress, and line 3, the puppet master prevails.

    Once in a while, you bring out the cynicism in us, Eric.

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