Hello people,

As some of you know, my resolution for 2017 is to get back into blogging. Enough of excuses, just get on with it.

I plan to restart the community involvement we all enjoyed several years ago – writing micro fiction. This will put some pressure on me to stick to my resolution and I hope to garner some support from you. Perhaps, procrastinators can leverage this and get into blogging again. I certainly need the push…

If you recall, I usually posted an image and invited submissions of 33 or 55 word micro fiction – complete stories. This time, instead of an image, I’m uploading a video clip.

Open invitation…


Drawing inspiration from the video clip above (I’ve written a sample story) you are invited to submit your work:

  1. Write a micro fiction – work – of not more than 55 words. Can be less, but not more. You’ll have to make every word count. (I know, this disqualifies all politicians.)
  2. Your title is not included in the word count – but it should not exceed 10 words.
  3. Any genre but must be family friendly and the stories must be your own.
  4. Format can be prose, poem, script or a monologue even – all referred to as ‘work’. I’m keeping the net wide as we can be entertained and learn from the variety. But maximum 55 words, folks.
  5. Closing date for submissions: Friday, 20 January, midnight. The time is per your country of residence. This gives me time to compile over the weekend.
  6. I shall upload the video, with your work embedded. you can copy and paste on your blog, YouTube, Facebook, and any other social media. Easy-peasy.
  7. I own the film clip – so no copyright worries for you – and shall include audio too if required and if I can get my hands on appropriate sound tracks. No audio in the example above for now, as I don’t wish to influence the direction of your story. For example, my story comes across as one of hope… or, is it? An audio track might let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. In this case, the cat might just get eaten!
  8. You own copyright to your work – and due credit shall be given as per the example above. Besides the name you go by in your blog, I shall also include your domain name and hopefully pull new viewers to your blog. Mutual help.
  9.  By submitting your work, you agree to the above terms.
  10.  Amended on 17 Jan 2017 – Instead of uploading on my YouTube channel [which I’ll also do], I’ll upload the videos here on my blog to save you some trouble. 

Imagine that – you have your very own video clip with story embedded.

Game for it?

Post your flash fiction in the comments section below. I can’t wait to read them.

All good wishes with your efforts!

P/s: As I’ve been away from blogging for quite a bit, this might take time to build momentum but I shall persevere and look forward to your support.



  1. Untitled.
    Billows of clouds, bellows of wind, the sand and the sun, the bonfire and the fish were an empty hell for him. Used to be a restless man, a discontent man. Home was a broad branch of a tropic fare. Would they come? He was afraid; the city where he was from was bright and grainy too.

    1. Hello Paul,
      First time with a comment/contribution – and a very warm welcome.
      Thank you for the contribution and a good take on the prompt too.
      Unfortunately submissions closed some time ago but you already know this, I reckon.
      Please do look out for the next prompt and hope to receive your contribution then.
      All good wishes,

  2. Title: Lonely days.
    Is this what it feels like playing with Providence’s precious gifts. Was it the Ego or maybe these imps that kept telling me ‘you are the man’. I know I am, but now I don’t feel brave. I feel emptiness as these waves wash my feet. Only having you back can mend this heart.

    1. Ah, you made the changes and came through on time, Kamal. Good job, too.
      Thank you and all good wishes,
      (P/s – Is your first name Kamal or Kennedy? I also notice your email has a lovely African name)

    He focused on the joy of feet in shore water, but to his right he heard the inviting call from his wife, drowned here in her suicidal swim.
    “Alex, Alex.”
    Oh to join her but, to his left, he sensed the call of inland responsibilities. At the beach end he paused, decision made, he turned.

    1. Well, I did wonder when my dear Jane from Texas will come through and you did too 🙂 Spot on 55 words!
      He turned… left or right? Hmmm…
      Thank you, Jane, for your contribution and support.
      Look out for the gallery tomorrow.

  4. Dear Eric!

    Such a pleasure to hear from you and yes, I have been rather remiss in posting to my blog. No excuses, mind you; just that the hours and days seem to slip by whilst doing others things, i suppose. Must get back into it. I appreciate you stopping by, though, and for your kind words.

    Working still on my getting my first novel out there. Participated in the latest NANOWRIMO, came in at 33,000 words. Not great, but fodder for another novel.

    Hope this year proves wonderful for you and your family, a year embraced in mirth and many projects completed.

    Good to be back into your fold, good sir!

    best to you with fondness,
    Paul 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Greetings, Eric!

    ‘Tis has been a while since last I stopped by. Wishing you a belated happy new year, one laced with much laughter and success.

    Great writing exercise, and here is my take on your prompt:


    The necklace. Trevor had to find it. Somewhere in the shallows, he would feel it beneath his feet.

    Why? Why did he, in a fit of rage, toss it into the sea? But how could he know Julia would call, pleading to take her back?

    ‘Just keep moving,’ he said as he shuffled along, wondering.

    Well, that’s it, coming in at 55 words exactly. Great to be in touch again, my friend, and I bid you a wonderful new year.

    warmest wishes,
    Paul 🙂

    1. Hello, hello, hello! 🙂

      Very welcomed indeed, Paul for your visit, well wishes and contribution. Allow me to wish you and yours all great things in life, and the sound of much merriment to accompany you always.

      Like me, you’ve not blogged lately. Therefore, your presence here is all the more special. Thank you, my friend!

      I love your story. Yes, people in love do the darnest things… and I hope Trevor finds that ring. Or, he can buy her a larger diamond 🙂

      All good wishes,

  6. Hope

    He searched the waves for a familiar face,
    day and night bathing in the sea-spray.
    But as he watched the sun sink and the moon rise,
    ‘twas clear not a soul was coming his way.
    Yet with every new light, he was at the shore,
    clinging to hope – his only treasure, he waited the castaway.

  7. Hello Eric,

    Happy New Year to you. It’s been long time but I haven’t forgotten you, my dear friend, or your wonderful blog posts. I’ll be following up on this so I can get to read the contribution of your talented commenters.

    Pls extend my greetings to your family.

    1. Hello Uzoma,

      And a Very Happy 2017 to you and family too!

      Yes, time has passed, Uzo, my friend but as true friends we pick up where we last dropped off without any need for apologies or excuses. So very glad to have your presence here. I dropped by your blog and notice that you’ve not written much lately.

      But your work has been published and you are now (for some time now) a published author. Once again, congratulation. For those interested, check out Uzo’s work here > http://wp.me/p2KNt5-ef

      Yes, we do have some very talented writers and I hope they find time to accord me the honour of showcasing their works. As you can see, several have already responded. I’m grateful and humbled by their support.

      All good wishes, Uzo, my friend,

    1. Give it a shot, Windy – you’re among friends and you know the regulars here – all kind and supportive.
      Some even good looking… like me.

      Brother Grinn: “Looks like Eric has not looked in the mirror lately, Brother Grinn.”
      Brother Grinn: “I know what we can get him for birthday, Brother Grinn, something he can hang on the wall, place on his table or even carry in his pocket.”
      Brother Grinn: “A mirror?”
      Brother Grinn: “Nope! A picture of me.”

    2. Hi Eric,
      Earlier I did say rusty, but I do appreciate your encouragement. Here’s my piece.

      Title: Refuge
      We walked, ran and dug our feet.
      Uncovered stones and picked the shells.
      Laid on the surface or concealed to our head with gleaming sand,
      we marvel at the horizon and the clear water gliding above.

      But look out ! For big feet just waded across!
      As we and our crustacean friends scrambled to safety.

      By the way, Brother Grinn, bad move, Eric will send your picture with his contact and all your sweet young things will flee to him.

      1. Good one, Windy dear!
        I love how you drew the reader along and finally made the reveal. You’ve got the technique down pat!
        Luv and hugz,

        P/s: At my age, I don’t think I want sweet young things running to me. The other day, I went for my regular walk-a-jog and this 94 year old gave me a wink. Boy did I run – from him!

      1. Okay – here goes: This story idea and first draft by Joyce Johnson. I added some finishing touches. Don’t take it too seriously folks!

        Title: I are the Boss
        Trump offers Putin a hand of friendship. Putin accepts. The world rejoices.
        The world awakes. Putin is in the Oval Office. Trump loses all and is exiled.
        Trump wanders on the beach but tweets: ‘The important thing is, I delivered peace folks.’
        Washing Post tweets back: ‘Trump delivers us, folks, to Putin. A shrewd negotiator.’
        [Word count: 55]

        Brother Grinn: “I are the boss, Brother Grinn? A typo?”
        Brother Grinn: “Unpresidented!”
        Brother Grinn: “Who did you say was the shrewd negotiator, Brother Grinn?”
        Brother Grinn: “I didn’t Brother Grinn.”
        Brother Grinn: “Washing Post, Brother Grinn?”
        Brother Grinn: “Yup! They wash the post until it is fake.”
        Brother Grinn: “Popular in school, were you, Brother Grinn?”
        Brother Grinn: “Hey, Eric is the scribe… a lonely scribe.”
        Brother Grinn: “Dash! There goes our pay cheque!”
        Brother Grinn: “What was that, Brother Grinn?”
        Brother Grinn: “The voice of god?”

      2. Ha ha. That will do. Sounds like a winner. I would sure love to know what God is thinking, or doing in all this the whole Trump presidency. Because I stand and support many of his changes and issues I voted for him, though I do not like his past record of mouthing off, but we’ll see what happens. The good thing is that he has a lot of good Christian counsel and cabinet members on his side. That is comforting to us Christians.

      3. Well, you came up with that gem.
        As for Trump, I’m a fan of his but wish he would become more precedential – presidential!

      4. 🙂 Let’s hope he does become a more presidential, polished, practiced speaker, and give more thought to speaking out so boldly on things. 🙂

  8. Sinking feeling.

    Walk on water He whispered in my ear, this should have filled me with dreaded fear, but no I thought why should this be so, did He not do this centuries ago, if it saves just one soul from drowning off the Lybian coast, we will have one more child’s life to toast.

    1. Well, you did pull a surprise here – the first to come through and at 53 words. And what an inspiring story. The world needs more uplifting stories, such as this.
      One small observation, Chris – and me thinks you sneaked that in and left it for me to discover 🙂 Not much has changed, I see 🙂
      Should it be “Libyan” or “Lybian”?

  9. Sorry for all those “rules” but over the last year or so, I’ve had new subscribers to my blog – new people whom I do not really know and hence thought those “rules” would prevent any downstream issues. Cheers!

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