BROTHER GRINN: What’s that in your hand, Brother Grinn?

BROTHER GRINN: A letter from Eric, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: Ah, god has taken time to write to us, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: And what’s that envelope in your hand, Brother Grinn?

BROTHER GRINN: Our salary cheque. What does his letter say, Brother Grinn?

BROTHER GRINN: Oh, the usual reminders, Brother Grinn. Don’t pick on politicians, priests, and purse snatchers aka bankers. No jokes about fat people or skinny people. No Trump jokes. No mothers-in-law jokes. No jokes about minorities. Be politically correct all the time.

BROTHER GRINN: Well, there goes our show, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: How about monkey jokes, Brother Grinn?

BROTHER GRINN: God’s letter doesn’t say, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: If men came from monkeys, where did monkeys come from, Brother Grinn?


BROTHER GRINN: He made the monkey in his image, Brother Grinn.

Uncontrollable laughter from the Brothers Grinn.

Finally, gasping for air…

BROTHER GRINN: Go on, Brother Grinn, break open the envelope. Our salary cheque.


BROTHER GRINN: You meant, god.

BROTHER GRINN: No, I meant gawd! He signed our cheques in invisible ink again.

BROTHER GRINN: He can’t keep pulling that same stunt and hope for laughs.

Uncontrollable laughter fills the air.

BROTHER GRINN: Is that god laughing all the way to the bank, Brother Grinn?

BROTHER GRINN: Perhaps it’s about time we humans learned from past mistakes and progressed, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: Eric penciled in that line, didn’t he?

BROTHER GRINN: Gawd! Yes, by god himself. No matter, this letter must be worth millions. Billions!

BROTHER GRINN: What does the fine print say?

BROTHER GRINN: It says, this letter is written in delayed-action invisible ink.

More uncontrollable laughter fills the air.

BROTHER GRINN: Do you think O’Devil will give us a better deal, Brother Grinn?

BROTHER GRINN: Do you want to rub shoulders with politicians, priests, and purse snatchers aka bankers, Brother Grinn?

BROTHER GRINN: Stop scratching, Brother Grinn.

Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee! Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw!

BROTHER GRINN: Want a banana, Brother Grinn?

*** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018 ***


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