1. There is so much to awe us about the Mantis. She eats his head first and even when he is headless he still pumps his semen into her. She, only eats him if she needs the nutrition that his body provides in order to produce her eggs. That said, your haiku could take on universality if one lets the last line focus on love devouring the lover. Yep I know it doesn’t fit the haiku format even if it does fits philosophically. I also enjoyed your reader’s ensuing comments and poetic responses. Jane

    1. Inevitable
      How and when, secret no more
      Cycle continues

      Males think with their loins 🙂
      Head missing, he continues
      Got to admire

      Quite an interesting creature the mantis > and its behaviour, as we know it, is logical and even understandable. If a mantis could study humans in a glass jar, I wonder what it would think of us 🙂

      Have a great weekend ahead,

  2. I think love will survive, especially with good people like us…heh, heh.
    Those who devour, there was no love to begin with.

    1. Like a phoenix, love
      Many points on a spectrum
      Bliss, love, lust and meal 🙂

      Good people – now an increasingly rare commodity, Windy. And what an oxymoron that – rare but also a commodity.

      Trust your week is panning out alright.


    1. My love, I give you
      In return, you give me all
      Including your life 🙂

      Well, I suppose when she has it all, he can keep his (worthless) credit card 🙂


    2. I think she gobbled up the wallet in his pocket and if he was smart he would have the money in an offshore account in his name so it perishes with him leaving her with only the spider web.

    1. Ha! Ha! Ha! Good one 🙂
      Riding into the sunset
      Beginning, not end

      Hello Martin,

      Yes, we are taught by spin doctors in print, screen and airwaves, that once we meet that ideal person, we’ve arrived.

      Thank you for dropping by and all good wishes,

    1. True, ‘fate’ is better
      Perfection eludes us all
      Humbled, we remain 🙂

      Dear Paul,

      Recognizing our imperfections is what keeps us striving, I reckon.

      Cheers, my friend 🙂

  3. ‘Lepidoptera’s
    Eternal reach for the Flame
    Seals its Phoenix death.

    My Dear Eric,

    Ah, the allure of the Black Widow or the Praying Mantis. How wonderful is Love, to be so smitten, beholden unto Death, succumbing to the wiles and will of Romance, to receive Love’s ultimate zenith, the prick…er, the peak of seduction.

    Thank you for sharing yet another wonderful poem, my friend!

    All good wishes to you and your lovely family,
    Paul 🙂

    1. Not one roll of dice
      Though many teach otherwise
      Life, more than one life

      My dear friend, Paul,

      So good to have you visit and share your haiku. An apt contribution too, that touches on the cycle of life. For reasons unknown, I’m not receiving your new-post notifications. Therefore, pardon me if I do not visit your blog in a timely fashion. But as I enjoy your posts which are both educational and enjoyable – I shall make it a point to “check’ up every now and then 🙂

      All good wishes ahead to you and your loved ones too,
      Eric 🙂

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