Tips for Indie Film Makers

Talking Heads and Lights

I do apologize if the video presentation lacks energy. I’m recovering from a bout of mild flu and having postponed the filming once, I did not want to keep Cast & Crew waiting.


Mix and Tweak Audio & Video


Eric is a self-taught author who, since 2010, has written and published 10 books, including a bestseller.

In 2012, his authoring experience evolved into screenplay writing.

A self-taught scriptwriter, he  sold several screenplays and even managed to win a small award. Eric has been reviewing screenplays for screenwriters from all over the world and some of these kind souls have written testimonials. You can read these on his LinkedIn profile.

From script writing, the logical step was film making.

But, he knew nothing about camera, audio, video, lights, sound and so forth. In 2015, Eric started a Meetup Group – Cast & Crew 4SG Films 2015 – and wrote and produced 3 short films with truly wonderful teams of people. These are lovely people who shared their knowledge, experience and most importantly – their time. Eric knows that he could not have produced the films without these motivated and committed people. View his films here Film Projects.

He has since taught himself some basics on audio recording, videography, editing and lighting. It’s been tough, at times frustrating and some times – exhilarating.

He is happy to share with fellow indie film makers what little he knows – and he knows very little in this regards.

Please feel free to share your experiences and comments. Thank you.

PS. You will not find these clips on YouTube as Eric uses his blog so that you don’t get interrupted by commercials.


10 thoughts on “Tips for Indie Film Makers”

  1. Jigme Tenzin said:

    Inspired! Thank you.


  2. Thank you for your wholehearted sharing Eric, as it has helped me. Hugs for you my special buddy. xXx ❤


  3. Dear Eric,
    You never cease to amaze us with all your self-taught techniques. Maybe we can see more cinematic effects in your future production, will be cheering you on !


  4. Another evidence of your good community spirit Eric. Wishing you every success.


  5. Hello Eric,

    Neat shot, with you adding the right audio, it is simply realistic. What can I say – with your creativity, there is no boundary. Great tip you gave. Essentially the lesson is if we are willing to put on the thinking cap, sometimes it does not have to cost a lot to produce similar results.

    Your short films and testimonials depict the quality of work you have produced and presented. Wonder what film project you have on the pipeline, can only wait with anticipation.


    • Thank you, Windy
      I’m still very much a novice and with time constraints (other projects), I’ll see how best to invest my time and go forward.
      All good wishes,


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