Song of the Ankle Rings

Song of the Ankle Rings – Fiction Literary Historical Speculative

A literary historical novel based on the Indian classic Silapathikaram.

Pending release in early 2019. Look out for free copies via Amazon for a 5-day period. Dates to be advised.

If you like a FREE E-book copy, fill in the form below and receive an email alert when the free download becomes available.

Do not miss this opportunity. Offer will not be repeated.

Book Cover Mockup

Meanwhile, check out the serialised excerpts—only published posts are live—click the links below:

  1. An Intriguing Article
  2. A Discard for a Wedding Gift
  3. The Hand of Fate
  4. A Tenuous Lover forfeits his Humility
  5. Chained and Unchained
  6. Kannagi’s Destiny Foretold
  7. Betrothed at Birth
  8. Poom-Puhar
  9. Mother, Mistress of the House
  10. Father’s fierce Love
  11. My Friends: Soft and Mean
  12. Crocodiles and Inconsiderate Rocks
  13. Broken Precious
  14. Adult Conspiracy
  15. A Child leaves and a Maiden will Return
  16. The Caravan: First Hints
  17. Arakan Debauchery
  18. Adult Games and Drama Children
  19. The River Incident
  20. Demonic Possession
  21. Arakan Abduction

*** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018/2019 ***


1 thought on “Song of the Ankle Rings”

  1. I have never read this Indian classic but I can feel that the book promises captivating scenes. The lady on the top picture has really beautiful eyes.


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