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Starting 13th March 2020, every Friday, a new post of the great epic, Mahabharata.

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  1. I loved that line from the Mahabharata Synopsis – ‘In keeping their date with destiny; the Pandavas lost their everything.’ You completely mesmerized me with your beautiful retelling of the great Epic.
    I too write a blog on Mythology and would be obliged if you could check it out below:

  2. There’s so much I don’t know, there are layers upon and stories within stories but I enjoy this because I was always too intimidated to read it myself and too impatient to watch epics.

    1. Hello Queridaj,
      Like all epics, Mahabharata is layered. It takes a bit of work for me to decipher and reproduce in my own words and in verse. Challenging, to say the least.
      I see that you signed up for the Newsletter. Thank you πŸ™‚ The Mahabharata short stories should be easier to read, and hopefully more enjoyable.
      You should be receiving the first Mahabharata installment today.
      Keep safe, keep well,

  3. On Vasishta’s Curse, the verse said “implored Ganga to woe a man; birth and release us”. I am curious to know how Ganga is going to execute this, since she was punished to live as mortal. It gets really complicated when mortals and deities lives get intertwined. Just mortals alone, and we barely manage to cope, LOL.

    1. Hello Windy,
      Writing in verse leads to many subtle hints that demands much from a reader, I agree. Couple this with my poor abilities as a poet (which I am not – LOL) – and you have a recipe for complications. Perhaps if you reviewed Ganga’s behaviour in episode 1 – it might prove helpful.
      This is also another reason, I plan to launch short stories in my newsletter. Look out for it.
      Keep safe, keep well,

    1. Oh dear, Ian
      How can I ever not want to receive comments from you and all the friends and subscribers who encourage me with their visits. You saw my reply to Windy – I’m snowed under and also made a royal balls up trying to navigate the new WP theme I uploaded. LOL.
      I also miss all the wonderful stories from you and Jane and Jane (in the UK and USA). Once I launch my newsletters, I intend to catch up with all your wonderful offerings.
      Keep safe and keep well,

      1. I hope you are avoiding physical contacts as much as you can Eric. We all have to visit doctors, chemists and supermarkets to survive but it’s risky with this potent virus in spite of government stringent rules now.

      2. Yes, Ian
        My family and I are all taking all prudent precautions.
        But we have a bunch of idiots in our government task force assigned to handle the virus – and they are flipping and flopping and coming up with knee-jerk policies. The end-result of the nepotism and cronyism in Singapore is apparent to everyone except to those who have their heads firmly stuck in their butts.
        All good wishes,

  4. Hello Eric,
    I am finally able to post comments on your newly upgraded blog. For a moment, I thought you had blocked me out, LOL. Sought the help of Jetpack and they are extremely patient and helpful.
    I am excited and look forward to reading the short stories of the great epic, Mahabharata. The verses are beautiful but I think I am more a short story person. Will wait for your newsletter.

    1. Hello Windy,
      I’m very sorry that you were unable to post comments on my blog and had to seek help from WP/Jetpack. The error was all on my part. When setting up the new theme for my website, I grappled with the new “block style” formatting and “ticked” some check boxes that prevented any and all comments. WP/Jetpack contacted me and I set it right. My sincere apologies.
      Currently, I’m going flat out to get my newsletters ready and there is a whole lot to do – learning to use new software, designing newsletters and researching, writing and editing the short stories. I hope to launch the newsletters c/w with the first short story in April. Look out for an announcement next Friday.
      Keep safe, keep well,

      1. Eric , what a delight to read your blog! I have read mahabharat and seen the screen version but never thought it can be presented in such a unique way. It is one of my favourite epics and the characters are so relatable, their conflicts, their struggles..who’s your favourite character?

      2. Hello Nousheen,
        Thank you for your kind words πŸ™‚
        Mahabharata is a page turner and one of my favourites too.
        I don’t have a favourite character, perhaps because I tend to analyse their motives. This makes them complete characters and not cast in black/white moulds.
        All good wishes,

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