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Vel Pari: The Tamilakam War

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Based on the life of the legendary Tamil king, Vel Pari.


Song of the Ankle Rings (Based on the Silapathikaram)

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Your use of the language borders on the poetic. I loved reading it as it has all the visual attributes to transport one into the scene as a silent and invisible watcher… You know how to give us the full treatment, drama, philosophy and a hint of the Kama Sutra along with very careful research – Ian Grice (Brisbane Australia)

You have very beautifully brought out the communication gap between Kannagi and Kovalan after marriage… and her trying to fit into a “chaste wife” mould are wonderful as well as the depiction of Kovalan’s character. The explanation of the ankle rings and the mystery behind them is beautifully explained – Sasi Kandasamy (Sri Lanka-Singapore)

I’m enthralled at the amount of thought you are putting into this narrative. The characters come forth as real people – Jane Stansfeld (Texas, USA)

Amazing, how the author took a simple storyline and made it gripping. Love the dialogue. Authentic. Written in the first person but the characters had distinct voices – Jasey Chua (Singapore)

You have done something important and worthy of praise… you will be remembered for this work – Rasu Ramachandran (former Director, Singapore Book Council)

You are such a superb story teller – Onyango Makagutu (Nairobi, Kenya)


Performance Appraisal

A Scorecard Model


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Human Capital Growth Model

Build Best-in-Class Teams


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  1. Hello Eric,

    I love what you wrote in your blog.

    I read what you write, but I can not understand all of it.

    Oh, haha, because of which my English grammar is not much, and I did not learn English well.

    I know your blog as a coincidence, and I could not stop reading the story here, very good.

    Oh, I come from the country of Vietnam, so the name of my blog … Vietnam bold, really, would you ignore as this (because I have seen some people do not like people who are like this Vietnamese name)

    As mentioned above, my english which is not good, so when you wrote this comment, I have to use google translate, oh, and you also know, google translate is not entirely correct grammar ^ ^ So if something violations, would you ignore.

    And, I will try to learn English well, to re-read your post, in the best way.

    And finally, very happy to be able to read this great article by you.

    Wishing you happy,

    Anna ~ Dương Tử Nguyệt

    P/s: You can call me Anna or Moon ^^ Because I really like this name, and Nguyệt, mean Moon 🙂

    1. Hello Anna,
      Thank you for your visit and comment.
      No worries about the language – I can follow what you say 🙂
      See you around,

    2. Hi Eric,

      Oh, very happy to talk to you

      Anyway, you write very good, I’m so jealous of you

      As I write, but it seems not to be okay> <

      Well, that can not compare, because we wrote about two different areas ^ ^

      Well, that babble too, they really look forward to reading what you write in this blog ^ ^

      I always keep track of you 🙂

      Anna ^^

    1. Hello Ian, good morning.

      Yes, I do work several projects at any given time – in this regards, no change from my corporate lifestyle.

      Only one (local) best seller to date – but I’m still young 🙂

      You are kind but I’m hardly “famous”. It is my pleasure to know you too – always enjoy reading your posts.

      All good thoughts to you and your loved ones,

  2. Wow, you really are amazingly prolific. Thank you for going to my blog page and reading my nutty stories…I am flattered that you would take the time to read my stuff and PLEASE let me know what you think. It’s interested to get a point of view from other writers.

  3. Hey Eric, Thanks for liking the posts. I am working on “Ranch of Dreams” now as you had once suggested. Hope you will enjoy it :).

    1. Your poems project deep thoughts – just the way I love them. For example, The Stomach Aches. Of course, all of us can polish our craft but even as they are, your poems are far superior to most that I read on-line. I’m not Arnold Schwarzenegger but, I’ll be back 🙂

      Keep at it. Cheers, Eric

      (P/s I posted a comment in your poem > The Stomach Aches)

  4. I can’t believe the wide range of publications you’ve released, it’s really quite impressive. I was curious as to how difficult you found it to compile both fiction and non-fiction and i had some other questions I would like to discuss with you if you were open to that. If you can spare a few minutes shoot me an e-mail and perhaps I can pick your brain about how to proceed with putting my own book together. I was also very interested in hearing a bit more about your Property Valuation book as I currently work for a real estate company as a Marketing Coordinator and it sounds like you have some unique methods of analysis. If you’re interested in helping a young writer out you can e-mail me at Thanks in advance buddy and I’m glad you enjoyed a couple of my free verse selections.

    1. Hello Rob,

      Thank you for your visit and compliments.

      Later this year, I shall be posting on-line seminars as part of my overall business thrust. Do look out for this.

      Property Valuation – do check out the sample pages provided by most eBook vendors.

      I enjoyed my visit to your blog and found much potential in your work. Do keep writing – it is cliched but true > practise, practise, practise > to make as perfect can be…

      All good wishes, Eric

  5. Hello Eric, you mentioned to me before about the OBE, that you are writing aboutor working on? Would you let me know some updated to it?… Thanks 🙂

    1. You honour me so, but I am a mere flute, carved out of a discarded piece of wood.. It is the craftsman and the flutist you need to praise. Peace, Eric

    1. Thank you Isadora, for your interest. They are available from the publisher who absorbs the shipping cost (print copy – ships worldwide) and also from Amazon eKindle downloads. Cheers, Eric

    1. Economics… interesting field. I am a fan of economics too. My novel, BECK & CALL, is a business thriller – not many authors tackle this genre as it is quite difficult to pull it off. Wish you all the best, Eric

    1. You are vey welcome.
      Recommended reading – depends on what you like. I am into adult thrillers – I have written two (as you see)
      Merry Christmas,

  6. Thanks for liking my piece At Peace. I see you’ve some books. I might have some life experiences that could be of interest to your title themes. Let me know it could be interesting. – Peace

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