Code Shield

Code Shield – A Peek Into Singapore’s Secret Services

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Delves into the unholy trinity of globalization – drug trafficking, human trafficking and international crime syndicates. The silent battles fought by police agencies. The political maneuverings of powerful men and the stories behind the headlines.

Michael, an ordinary joe, stumbles through the Moscow underworld in search of his daughter, Annette. He meets and is assisted by Tara Banks, a deep cover operative of Singapore’s secret services, who is after the same syndicate that has kidnapped Annette. Tara is helped by her lover, Colonel Plustarch of Russian Intelligence. Meanwhile, General Simonov, patron of the Russian Mafiya and Plustarch’s boss, issues a death warrant on Tara.

Michael gets into trouble, Tara races to rescue him and Annette, while Simonov closes on them. Can Tara trust Plustarch?

“Architecturally, Code Shield is superb” – Brian Cook, Manuscript Appraiser, Literary Agent, Australia

“Alagan’s expertise is well brought out in this book” – Dr Leon Comber, Monash University Australia, former Special Branch operative, author, Australia 

“A gifted writer” – Asst Prof (Dr) Kirpal Singh, Singapore Management University

Code Shield Book Excerpts and Readers’ Feedback

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Code Shield


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6 thoughts on “Code Shield”

  1. Absolutely agree, you are a very gifted writer.


  2. Hello Eric, Curious are your books published in Russia? I’m starting a small publishing company here and am looking for International Authors.


    • Hello Steve,
      No, I don’t have a publisher in Russia and would very much like to reach out to your readers.
      Let’s explore.
      Thank you and all good wishes,


    • Hello Eric,
      Okay, I currently represent a European writer and have been looking for several others to work with. Please contact me through my “About Me” tab on my blog. It’s the picture of the half moon mountain, click on it and it will take you to my “About Me” page. There you can contact me and I will give you my regular e-mail address so we can talk further.


    • Hello Steve,
      I left a comment on your “About” page and you responded – but I did not see your email.
      If you wish, reply with your email here and I shall not make it public.
      Alternatively, if you are on LinkedIn, we can link up. Look under “Eric Alagan, Singapore”
      Thank you,


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