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Let me help you write your business book, novel or short story.

I know that writing a book can be daunting – I’ve been in that situation. When I started out, I made many costly mistakes but persevered and learned. Now, after ten books which includes 5 fiction and 5 non-fiction (including one bestseller) I’ll show you how to avoid the pitfalls.

You see, I’ve done more than merely write books – I’m self-published. I’ve first hand knowledge and experience of the complete works – first draft, developmental editing and revisions, interior layout, cover design and printing. You can check out my books which are available in Kinokuniya, Select Books and on-line from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

I provide Manuscript Review and Editing for both fiction and non–fiction and also Ghost Write non-fiction (business) books.

If you require One-on-One Coaching to write your book (fiction or non-fiction), this can be arranged. I’ll guide you to write your book. Each contact session allows you to delve deep – brainstorm, format and tell a captivating story. We’ll meet on dates/times that are mutually convenient. You work at your pace.

If you are interested to explore, use the contact form below for a  no-obligations discussion. I’ll be in touch with you via email.


Thank you,
Eric Alagan



I am incredulous myself I finished the 10,000 words under the guidance of Eric. There were many many times when I thought I would not finish my story or wondered what excuse I could give to drop out but somehow I made it to the end with him. I very much appreciated all the time and effort he put into our writing group and this was a unique opportunity to be mentored by an established writer and grow as a writer myself. Now my dream of writing a book seems that much more realizable to me and for that Eric has a notable part to play!


I signed up for Eric’s Short Story Book Project thinking that I will be attending lectures/courses on the finer points of writing. No, he tasked us all to produce a short story and on each meet, guided us systematically to improve our work. He is a master at simplifying matters to digestible morsels so we can immediately understand the logic and application of the monthly lessons. The deadlines he set disciplined us to stick to our commitments. However, Eric himself is a living example of commitment, dedication and discipline as shown in the number of books, both fiction and non-fiction, that he had published within a short period.

He also taught us the importance of sharing with and supporting fellow writers. I am now into the developmental editing stage of my short story and if not for Eric’s mentorship this would never have materialized.

What better guide can you get than someone who had gone through it, done it, produced it and shown the results? If you need help in getting started with your book or in completing a book you started, get in touch with him.

Sally Tan, Customer Service Executive at a German aerospace company, 14 April 2015


“Fiercely committed” is the phrase that comes to my mind when I think about Eric.

I’ve had the privilege of learning from Eric on the finer points of fiction writing over the last 9 months and in that time I have known Eric to be a highly disciplined, creative and goal oriented individual.

Eric is hugely passionate about writing and his passion can be seen during the monthly meet ups which I am a part of. He structures the meet ups to ensure everyone gains as much as possible. The content and knowledge that he shares during these meet ups are immensely useful for both budding and accomplished writers.

Above all, I am impressed with Eric’s commitment to getting the best work out of each and everyone in the writing team. The amount of time he spends mentoring us, both at a group level as well as individually, is a sheer testament of his commitment.

I highly recommend Eric and his writing courses to anyone who is looking to start on their writing adventures.

– Christopher Ng, Co-Founder at MoveAide, 27 December 2014


Eric is a very goal-driven and disciplined person who is teaching a group of budding writers (of whom I am one) the basics of creative writing fiction and also editing our stories for publication. He is a dedicated guide who maintains strict deadlines but at the same time, is remarkably generous with his time in mentoring us and fine-tuning our output. I am really lucky to be working with him and would recommend his “Short Story Book Project” writing course to any aspiring writer in Singapore

Sasi K, Business Development Manager, Enterprise Solutions, Thomson Reuters Asia, November 20, 2014

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Before you engage a writing consultant/ghost writer/editor/coach – I strongly urge you to read the books they’ve written. If it works for you – engage them. If not, save your money, save your time.

The same goes for me. Check out my books. If you do purchase my book(s) and subsequently engage my services, I’ll reimburse the cost in the form of a discount. All you have to do is produce a copy of your receipt.

Contact me for a no-obligations discussion and quotation. Skype discussions available for both Singapore and overseas clients.


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