While Pari was pre-occupied in the east, the Cheras invade in the west to annex territory they had long claimed. 


I can already see the many shortcomings of these video productions. One example: the voice-over can be much better, as it lacks the emotion and nuances to bring the narrative alive. It is also difficult to reproduce images depicting the people and places of the time. These will improve with the machine learning improvements of the AI platforms. Meanwhile, thank you for bearing with me.



  1. Hi Eric,
    Another captivating video despite whatever shortcomings.

    One thing for sure, greed has never changed. Always wanting more and instigating war to benefit from it.

    Hope you have a good week ahead.

    1. Hi Windy,
      Looking at the dozens of conflicts all over the world, mankind as a whole has not evolved much.
      What on earth are we teaching our grandchildren and leaving behind for them?
      All good wishes,

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