In today’s episode we look into the “how” and “why” did Devaney marry the Cholan Paramarajah. 


I can already see the many shortcomings of these video productions. One example: the voice-over can be much better, as it lacks the emotion and nuances to bring the narrative alive. It is also difficult to reproduce images depicting the people and places of the time. These will improve with the machine learning improvements of the AI platforms. Meanwhile, thank you for bearing with me.



  1. Hi Eric,

    You have always delved into back story and gave us very interesting snippets of people’s livelihood, behavior of the upper, middle and lower class of the past. They are informative and insightful. If I am not wrong, this is one of your interest.

    I agree that there are always ways to avoid war; which I believe usually stems from personal gain , pride and selfishness. To me, resorting to war is an act of not considering the big picture.

    Hope you continue to churn more stories for us. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Hi Windy,
      Well noted. Yes, like most people I love delving into history about great men and women. I also have a keen interest in how people lived their lives – not just the royals and great warriors but also the ordinary folks. Fascinating, I reckon.
      In ancient South India, avoiding wars was one of the king’s cardinal responsibilities. If he did not do all he can to secure peace – the people will not support his war. Most movies don’t do justice to history. The king declares war, and everyone is behind him – it was never so simple.
      My god willing, I hope to continue to tell stories.

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