The two men, both beautiful in their own ways, could have been lovers. A pure love that transcended gender attraction; beyond human passion. Arjuna enjoyed the Blue One’s company. He felt bliss; wanted to float; wanted the moment to last forever.

“Everything is energy,” said Krishna. “You, me, all animate and inanimate things are energy. Vibrations of life. Infinitesimally minute vibrations. That’s life. Even when a living thing dies and remains still, it vibrates; that’s potent energy.”

“I don’t understand.”

“The cosmos is nothing but energy; full, pure, vibrant energy. You cannot destroy energy, but can convert it. Light to heat, to sound, to speech to emotions. It goes on and on. Infinitesimal. Ever transforming. One mode to another; never ending. Energy; the cosmos has always been and will always be.”

“I understand the concept but—.”

“It is not a mere concept, Arjuna. It’s Truth. As we are prisoners of the three-dimensional world, it is best described as, before anything existed, there was energy. From energy came the first life; minute, tentative; and it multiplied exponentially. In a flash; faster than thought. It was there, and it became. The cosmos. And we are all creatures animate and things inanimate, part of the cosmos. In essence, the cosmos is god; the ultimate God; and we are part of her.”

“Her? Is the Ultimate God a female?”

“Gender is for the Third. Human minds, the common denominator, find it difficult to go beyond the binary. The human creature, the vast majority, is lazy in mind. They create classes; cling to judgements. Beautiful. Wise. Cruel. Benevolent. It helps in discourse. It is less taxing to be lazy. But God is beyond such confines; and every human being is a complex creature. A cruel person can also be beautiful. A benevolent person can also succumb to anger. Is God a female? But we live on the Third, therefore let’s resort to three-dimensional concepts to understand God; embrace concepts consistent with our lesser dimension. We ensue from a female, the mother; therefore, we can safely refer to God as Mother.”

“If we rely on consistency, then a female needs male intervention to birth,” said Arjuna. “Where is the male in cosmic conception?”

“Why should there be a need for male intervention?” said Krishna. “In the lesser worlds, where we experience baser pleasures, creatures need incentives to procreate. Passion leads to pursuit and procreation. The cosmos is all energy; all of it. It is purity in action; purity in existence. And energy can be anything it wants to be.”

“That’s interesting, O Krishna, but what has all this got to do with travelling back in time?”

“Everything is energy; you; me; our senses and faculties. Speech is sound vibrations; energy. Sight is light vibrations; energy. Everything we say; we do; everything we think; is energy. It does not die.”

“I remain confused.”

“Take speech.” In a flash, Krishna disappeared and reappeared about a hundred paces away. “Can you hear me?”


“Can you hear me?” In a blink, Krishna again stood next to Arjuna.

“Yes, and how did you do that?” said Arjuna.

“First, speech. When I stood far away, you could not hear me. I spoke as I’m speaking now. My words, sound vibrations, travelled to you. But by the time it reached your ears, the waves dissipated, the energy dispersed, and my voice grew weak and garbled. The energy was not destroyed, but simply expanded and dissipated. And it is travelling even now but we can’t hear it. The sound vibrations, the energy, will keep travelling for eternity. If one were to gather the sound waves and bundle it like one would bundle firewood, you’ll hear my voice again. Tens of thousands, millions of years from now, you’ll hear my voice. Because energy will never die off unless it transforms; is transformed.”

“And it is the same for sight; light vibrations,” said Arjuna.

“Yes, dissipated; expanded just like sound, but it’s out there in the cosmos. Travelling farther and farther away.”

“And all we have to do is bundle it and we’ll be able to see and hear ourselves in the past,” said Arjuna.

“Yes, and with compressed time, we can jump to any point in the past. But only adepts can do it; jump back in compressed time.”

“Or jump forward in compressed time.”

“Very good, Arjuna. You’ve discovered the secret of time travel. Imagine the complexity in the science of time as a dimension. And all we have done is resorted to three-dimensional comparators which are weak in themselves. The reality of time travel and time as a dimension is more complex. And that’s just the fourth dimension. Imagine, say, the ninth dimension; the dimension of the super manus; the dimensions of the gods.”

“Ninth? What comes after time?” said Arjuna. Krishna laughed.

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