“Your body is warm,” said Arjuna. She snuggled and her legs glided up and down his legs. “But your legs are cold, Ulupika.”

“Lay still. Go to sleep, my love. All will be well in the morning.”

“No!” Arjuna broke free. Ulupika hissed; rose to her waist. The lower half of her body was that of a snake.

“You’re a demon, come to cause me harm.”

“I’m a naga princess who killed the poison in you with my kiss.”

“Kiss? You caused me to break my vow of celibacy.”

“All the world knows of the Pandavas and their wife, Panchali. Your vow denies you her intimacy, not mine.”

“I must go.”

“You’re weak my, love. Wait until the morning and I’ll guide you to the surface.”

“I’m not your love; stop addressing me so.”

“Have you forgotten and forsaken me so quickly?” Tears filled Ulupika’s eyes. “I’m with your child. He grows within me. I can feel him stir.”

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