After completing Mahabharata, Vyasa, who was a talented teacher, taught the story to his son, Suka, and to his many disciples, foremost of whom was Vaisampayana.

Suka taught the gandharvas, rakshasas and yakshas. Narada, the renowned Vedic sage, brought the story to the devas in heaven and the immortal realms.

Vaisampayana focussed on sharing the Mahabharata story with humans.

When King Janamejaya conducted a grand sacrificial prayer, he not only invited royalty, warriors and the wealthy but also many sages, bards and panegyrists.

Vaisampayana, an invitee, narrated the Mahabharata to a rapt audience. From that august gathering, the Mahabharata epic spread throughout the mortal lands.

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