A desolate land flourishes.

Pandu’s sons were alive, rejoiced Hastinapura. As did the Kuru elders: Bhishma and Vidura.

Not so the black hearted crown prince Duryodhana; kingdom and crown would claim the brothers, Pandava.

Dhristarashtra, compelled, invited the sons of Pandu. Vidura hastened to Kampilya to bring them home too.

Karna advocated war; Bhishma and Drona promoted prudence. Compromise struck, Dhristarashtra divided his son’s inheritance.

Yudhishthira was crowned king of Khandavaprastha; the poor half with an old capital, Indraprastha.

Krishna went with the Pandavas to their new suzerainty. Beasts and criminals in the wild land promised uncertainty. 

The Pandavas and Krishna tamed the land and raised new hope. Their kingdom flourished; the people’s wealth grew in depth and scope.

Their rule and benevolence renowned, Indraprastha basked in the people’s glory. The brilliance outshone Kuru rule and many kings joined Pandava territory.


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