A death trap that traps the trapper.

The people of Varanavata welcomed the Pandavas with joy; but the righteous five already knew of the Kaurava’s ploy.

Before they departed Hastinapura, warned Vidura the Pure; beware Pandavas for death awaits in the house built by the impure.

The brothers five lulled their host; so too did he, the evil Purochana. When the others were asleep, a tunnel was dug by the tireless Bheema.

Lasted a year, did the game between cat and mouse. Then the day came to burn down the magnificent house.

Kunti invited Purochana and his men to feast. The villains gorged and drank until they fell fast asleep.

Bheema fired the palace and the family escaped the clutches of death. Yamaraj will not be denied, the sleeping killers were consumed by his wrath.

The news shook the innocent and guilty in Hastinapura. Charades of outward grief took stage led by the Kaurava.

The Pandavas donned brahmana garbs and trekked the land; lived incognito till better times visited them.


Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2020

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