The Ring must fit the Finger

The people wanted for their king, the eldest of the Pandava five, Yudhishthira. The blind king Dhristarashtra, risked losing his throne as did his sons, the Kaurava.

Many plots the Kaurava brothers hatch, but all failed and drove Duryodhana mad. The Pandavas had secret help from Vidura who turned outcomes good from the bad.

Plotted a scheme did the eldest Kaurava son, Duryodhana, with his uncle Sakuni. “Send them to Varanavata to enjoy a festival where they will die in ignominy.”

Duryodhana heeded his uncle Sakuni and implored his father Dhristarashtra. The blind king suspecting nothing, convinced the Pandavas, and agreed did Yudhishthira.

The Pandavas left for Varanavata with their friends; few good men in Hastinapura remained. In their absence Duryodhana appointed his cronies to secure for himself the domain.

Duryodhana resorted to bribes of wealth and honour. And gathered in Hastinapura men of dishonour.

But he did more; he had planned to kill the Pandavas and their friends all. He sent Purochana to build a palace of wax that will burn and fall.

“When the fools sleep, stoke the flames infernal, and send the Pandavas to their sleep eternal.” The horrendous death-trap prepared, the schemers waited with bated breath.


Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2020

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