The Ring must fit the Finger

The five Pandavas and hundred Kauravas; they lived and grew up in Hastinapura.

A bully emerged among the cousins, the mighty Bhima. The second Pandava had another name, Vrikodara.

He tormented the hundred brothers, Kaurava; made an enemy of the eldest, Duryodhana.

The Kuru clan learned martial arts from Kripacharya. For strength, he praised Bhima; for archery, Arjuna.

Such praise drove Duryodhana to scheme; his prime target, the Pandava’s Bhim.

Bhim’s antics aside, a bigger prize vexed the Kaurava; the crown might fit the eldest Pandava, Yudhishthira.

Embarked on a bold step, the angry Duryodhana; to blunt Pandava power, he planned death on Bhima.

The Kauravas fed the glutton Bhima poison; and threw him into a river filled with serpents.

The venomous snakes bit Bhima the Glutton; but the poisoned food proved a counterpoison.

Vrikodara did not die, he emerged stronger. The Kauravas did not rejoice, they grew darker.

Kunti revealed the Kaurava treachery to the Vidhuan. But Vidura assured Kunti that long-lives welcomed her sons.

Yudhishthira warned his brothers to keep silent over the matter. Hereafter, we have to tread with care and look out for one another.


Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2020

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