Even Lord Dharma must bend to dharma

Fugitives hid ill-gotten gains in an ashrama; soldiers mistook for a thief, the austere Mandavya

The king, outraged that a criminal smeared the adornment of a Brahmin; had the virtuous sage impaled on a spear for all to bear testimony

As Mandavya was impaled when he was in yoga; his life refused to leave, journey to Swarga Loka

Sages near and far congregated around him; Mandavya bemoaned the injustice of the king

The king hastened to the jungle clearing; touched the yogi’s feet while in fear trembling

The sage directed no anger but gave instead the king his peace; but he faulted Lord Dharma, the Divine Dispenser of Justice

“Is this done right of you?” Of Lord Dharma, the sage postulated; Dharma feared the store of merit the sage had accumulated

Lord Dharma unmoved, spewed his defence thus; lest the sage’s anger ground him to dust

As a child you tortured many creatures, so now towards you the scale tilts. Even I, must to all those creatures so distressed, dispense on you justice.

Mandavya, unmoved, cast a curse on the Lord Dharma himself saying thus. Your injustice the scale tilts, suffer you mortal birth that ends in dust.

A servant maid beget mortal Dharma, incarnated as Vidura; in the palace of Ambalika, wife of King Vichitravirya

On Earth, lowliest of the known Worlds, Vidura was a Mahatma; an unparalleled vidhuan of sastras, statecraft and dharma

Bhishma appointed Vidhuan Vidura as Counsellor to King Dhritarashtra; unable to stop the Game of Dice, Vidura’s failure birthed adharma.


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