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  1. Hello Eric,
    I really love stories from our Puranas as they are filled with knowledge and learnings. I would like to subscribe to recieve short stories from Mahabharat.

  2. Hello sir,
    It’s an immense pleasure to read Mahabharata. I would like to read the short stories of Mahabharata written by you.

    1. Hello Sumona,
      Welcome aboard 🙂
      Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter. The weekly emails are automated and sometimes the system plays up and sends the welcome email twice. I notice this has happened to you. My apologies and thank you for your understanding.
      If you have not downloaded the free copy of the ebook – 100 Very Short Stories, no worries. Here is the link
      Feel free to share the link with your friends who might like a free copy of the eBook.
      You should receive the first Mahabharata episode tomorrow (Friday 14th) evening. I hope you enjoy the stories.
      Thank you and all good wishes,
      Eric Alagan

      1. Yes I am really enjoying the 100 short stories. 😊And that’s why I am eagerly waiting for the short stories of The Mahabharata.

  3. I have always been curious on this much talk about Mahabharata but never get round to reading it. Thanks to Eric, I get to enjoy the epic now in digestible morsels. I’ve got hooked since and have been looking forward to receive my weekly newsletter to see what happen next.

    Recently I won an autographed hard copy of his novel, Song of the Ankle Rings, as I had regularly posted my comment on the Mahabharata. What a pleasant surprise!

    1. Hi Windy 🙂

      You are one of my foremost readers – in fact, the most prolific with comments. Thank you 🙂 I’m happy that you’re enjoying the episodes.

      It was my pleasure to recognise your unflinching support. The autographed book was a small gesture on my part. You should be receiving the book in the mail next week. Please drop me a line when it arrives. The postal service is kinda messed up by the covid…


  4. Its interesting to read Mahabharata which is written by a foreigner. I know all the events in Mahabharata but I want to know how you wrote in this blog. Thank you.

    1. Your first comment here, Saikiran – welcome aboard 🙂

      The Mahabharata – like the Greek epics – is readily available to anyone who wishes to read and enjoy it. My series takes a novelist’s approach. I welcome you to read the newsletter episodes and let me know what you think.

      I see that you signed up for the newsletter but you need to confirm your subscription. Please look for the email – perhaps it has gone to your spam folder. Once you confirm, you’ll start receiving the newsletters.

      Thank you and all good wishes,

  5. Would like to know how Mahabharata inspired you to come out with your short stories????

    1. Your first comment, Prema. Thank you and welcome aboard 😊
      Mahabharata is a story worth spreading and I hope to reach the modern and more discerning readers.
      The primary storyline remains the same but the characters and plot development is rooted in realism.
      Plus, instead of focusing on the great battles—very male oriented—my stories delve into the characters and intrigue behind the battles and is a bit more female oriented. That is, readers get to hear more of the women’s voices; their fears and hopes; and their contributions in the epic.
      Hope I addressed your question.
      All good wishes,

  6. I really love Mahabarat and Special thanks for making effort to make us read interesting short stories of Mahabharat. Loads of respect and Love got this initiative🥰🥰

    1. Hello Sonika,
      Good to have you visit and comment. I’m happy that you found the stories interesting.
      It is readers like you who encourage and keep me going.
      Thank you very much and all good wishes 🙂

    1. Hello Bhaskar,
      First comment on my blog, I see. Welcome aboard 🙂
      You’re right. This project promises to be interesting at several levels.
      Thank you and all good wishes,

    1. Imagine that – bots get to decide whether or not we are humans. LOL.
      Thank you, Ian, for signing up for my newsletter.
      All good wishes,

    1. Hello Bill,
      Always good to hear from you. And what a lovely comment. Thank you 🙂
      I hope and trust you and loved ones are coping well with the lock-down.
      Singapore is under lock-down too but the govt here has shoved their heads in their butts and now find it difficult to extricate themselves. They said we will not lock-down. Okay, so they relabeled it as “circuit breaker”. LOL.
      Times are scary. Keep safe and keep well,

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