The root of destiny

A king gives his all and more for love.

Who is Santanu? What part does he play in the epic? Here is a quick summary in verse.

King Santanu by heavenly Ganga besotted; all his possessions including his life, he offered.

Shower no wrath, not ask about me and not displease me; promise me these, O Righteous King, and as your wife take me.

This transpired, when memories were history’s repositories.

The king assented and they lived in harmony; out of their blissful union, sons were born many.

Each new born, she cast into the river pregnant; her king aghast but she was sweet indifferent.

The King watched horrified, as the eighth she held to the sky. “You fiend!” he cried, seeing her make ready for sacrifice.

To your promise, O King, I hold; you have not yet heard my tale told.

Mother to these eight Vasus, I am Goddess Ganga; born as mortal men, they bear the curse of Vasishtha.

As father of these sons, higher realms are your reward; once nurtured, into your arms I shall hand and depart.

Taking the child, so disappeared Goddess Ganga; the Eighth Vasu he will return as Devavrata.


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