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Starting Friday 9 August 2019, I’ll serialise the first three chapters of my forthcoming literary historical novel Vel Paary: The Tamilakam War.

Each post is a quick read of up to three minutes. To maintain the momentum and interest, I’ll post these short reads on Mondays and Fridays right up to the book release in October 2019.

I welcome you to read and hope to receive your valuable comments.

Book cover mock-up

Vel Paary: Blurb

It was a time of lost history. The time when the Cholan, Cheran and Pandyan—the Moo-Vendhar—vied for supremacy in ancient Tamilakam (present day South India). Restrained by the laws of dharma and codes of chivalry, and with an eye to posterity, the Moo-Vendhar treaded with care.

But subterfuge ruled and their court officials indulged in intrigue and internecine warfare to subjugate the minor kings—the Velirs. Foremost among the Velirs was Vel Paary, king of Parambu Nadu.

Little is known of Paary. Much is mired in myth, legend and poetry. Were the legends surrounding Paary true? Are there rational explanations to his outlandish deeds? Historians found little common ground to agree. But they all agree that Paary and the great poet, Kabilar, were fast friends.

This is the legend of Paary as told by Kabilar… and one other, a man who lurked in the shadows. A man who did not lend his name to written history—Kachagan, Raj Guru of the Cholan Empire.

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Continued Friday 9 August 2019