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I’ve something to lend you but will take it back anytime I wish. Do you want it?

It depends on what you offer.

An opportunity to build your store of merit and to grow. To become a God.

And what is the price?

No price. It’s your entitlement. But if you mess up, there will be pain.


Yes, but don’t worry. You can tweak it so it’ll only be pain you can endure.

I get to decide the level of pain? You promise?

Yes, I promise, you decide the level of pain. Short and sharp, or dull and long. The final weight of gold will be the same.

I need to build my store of merit and progress to higher realms. Very well then.

Here, take it – take Life for use on the Third. Go to hell. When you return, you’ll be closer to becoming a god.

*** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2019 ***

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