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Like everyone, I too suffered a small glitch. A doctor could easily patch me up, or rather, in my case a technician or even a handyman.

You see, the circuitry in my touch screen packed up, rendering me unable to do my job. The handyman of the house, Mrs Chong, checked me out and decided that all I needed was a new control panel.

But the distributor did not have one and claimed they had to order it from the manufacturer in Korea. ‘And it is a six month wait,’ he said. The man in Customer Service—and that was a misnomer, if ever there was one—did not reckon with Mrs Chong.

She contacted her friend in Korea who tried and failed to purchase a control panel from the manufacturer’s, you guessed it, Customer Service. Apparently, they don’t supply spares for old models. How dare they label me old!

Mrs Chong’s friend, a resourceful woman, enquired about purchasing a control panel for the latest model.

‘Warranty covers that,’ said the sweet young thing in Customer Service. ‘Therefore, we don’t sell spares to the public.’

Their underlying suggestion – dump the old and buy new.

Yes, good corporate citizens. Stuff Mother Earth!

*** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018 ***