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‘One day man will fly, and he will have wings to help him soar into the sky. His wings will be made of metal heavier than rocks. He will fly higher, further and faster than the swiftest eagle.’

‘And you my friend are a dreamer and a fool. Come, join me, have another drink.’

‘But it is true, Neleos, my friend, for I had seen all these things in my mind’s eyes.’

‘That you have, my friend, as surely as all the Greek fools will one day unite as a nation. And what’s more, we will launch a thousand ships just so one fool among us can win a maiden’s hand.’

*** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2017 ***

And who is to say such a conversation did not take place?


Updated 13 Dec 2017: Jane Stanfeld’s comment inspired me to continue this micro fiction – one that I had planned as a one-off post. I have challenged myself to draw on readers’ comments – using a word, a phrase or the theme – to guide my replies. My responses have an added task of keeping the story flow. For now, I will restrict the comments to five or until the next post – whichever the sooner. Sarah Ann’s is the fifth comment.

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Thank you, to the five readers who posted comments. You have been much help in developing this story:

  1. Jane Stanfeld
  2. Lexborgia
  3. Ian Grice
  4. Windy – (she does not blog)
  5. Sarah Ann