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BROTHER GRINN: Welcome to Radio Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: Ladies and Laddies, we’re happy to report the sun did again rise in the east and is now travelling westward.

BROTHER GRINN: Yes, apparently Mr Sun is searching for something.

BROTHER GRINN: What could he be searching for, I ask.

BROTHER GRINN: You can ask that again, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: What could he be searching for, I ask.

BROTHER GRINN: And he has been going round and round and round and round…

BROTHER GRINN: Like a hamster in a flywheel, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: Repeating himself over and over and over and over…

BROTHER GRINN: Like humanity, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: Yes, mistake after same mistake after same mistake…

BROTHER GRINN: Okay, we get the picture, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: We? You’ve a hamster in your pocket, Brother Grinn?

BROTHER GRINN: No, Brother Grinn, but several fingers.

BROTHER GRINN: Aha! Playing ding-dong again, I see.

BROTHER GRINN: Pocket billiards, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: Well, that’s all the news we have today, Ladies and Laddies.

BROTHER GRINN: What’s with the Ladies and Laddies, Brother Grinn?

BROTHER GRINN: Well, Brother Grinn, I thought of saying Ladies and Germs but that’ll offend our German friends!

BROTHER GRINN: Good thinking, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: I agree, Brother Grinn. You should try that some time.

BROTHER GRINN: Saying Ladies and Germs?

BROTHER GRINN: Nope. Thinking.

BROTHER GRINN: I need to think about that, Brother Grinn. Let me get onto my flywheel. Helps me to think.

BROTHER GRINN: And the world goes round and round and round and…

And so continues another wisdom-filled nonsense.

BROTHER GRINN: Who was that, Brother Grinn?


BROTHER GRINN: You mean Eric?

BROTHER GRINN: Same difference, Brother Grinn.

I’m already regretting for having let you two loose.

BROTHERS GRINN (together): 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

*** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2017 ***

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