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Gag Order – Installment 19 – The AG’s will never agree

Krasten and Wilona sat opposite Jeevan. He had called them into his office to review the Bastien Tee case file.

‘We completed a credit check on him. Not good,’ said Jeevan. He gestured to the stack of paper-clipped sheets on his desk. ‘Mortgage, car loan, credit card bills. I don’t know how he plans on paying us.’

‘His wife, Yeva, has a job,’ said Wilona.

‘Yeah, but she’s also guarantor for all his loans.’ Jeevan leaned back and crossed his hands over his ample stomach. ‘The bills from your PI, Joe Bernard, is mounting but he’s not as hot as you said he was.’

‘Actually, he’s working magic,’ said Krasten.

‘Really? Well, I’ve yet to see any rabbits pulled out!’ said Jeevan. ‘Lost his hat, did he?’

‘Remember what he said, if Ying denies Bastien visited her at the apartment, we got her!’

Jeevan and Wilona waited expectantly and after dragging a few seconds, Krasten said, ‘Joe managed to finally secure that appointment with the lady.’

Krasten gave Wilona a knowing smile but she rolled her eyes, refusing to bite.

‘So, how about sharing the magician’s code with us?’ said Jeevan.

Joe Bernard and Krasten sat opposite ASP Tatyana Lee and INSP Peter Hong in the windowless meeting room in the CID. There were plastic cups of water on the table and the harsh fluorescent lights added to the sterile atmosphere.

‘Send in your lab team and we’re sure you’ll find the evidence,’ said Krasten.

‘Did you consider the time already lapsed?’ asked Tatyana.

‘Would you allow us to bring in a private team, use private labs?’ said Krasten.

‘The AG’s will never agree,’ said Tatyana. ‘In any event, you gain unauthorized access and whatever evidence you come up with will be inadmissible in court.’

‘If we do find something, we can sure raise a stink in court to get authorized access.’

‘Do you know what the penalty is for breaking and entry, Mr. Bronn?’ said Tatyana.

‘Who said anything about breaking and entry?’ said Krasten, again answering her question with a question. She was growing uncomfortable and he seemed intent on provoking her further.

‘If your people do it, it would be your initiative,’ said Joe Bernard, stepping in and defusing the escalation. ‘And you get to keep it within the family.’

Tatyana studied Peter from the corners of her eyes. Under the table, his knee bounced rapidly. Peter was agreeing with the enemy.

*** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2017 ***

*** Now we know the ‘lady’. But what evidence is Krasten after? Join me on Wednesday 16 August for the next installment ***