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Gag Order – Installment 18 – Suddenly I Forgot 

‘Yes, yes, I’m the one who told him about Exe-lo-con. Costs a lot of money you know,’ said the witness, Mr Phang.

‘When Inspector Peter Hong questioned you a few days ago, you did not recall seeing the accused visit Ms. Ying,’ said Sakaris. ‘Yet you told Mr. Joseph Bernard, that you saw the accused several times, at Ms. Ying’s apartment.’

‘I’m not lying one,’ whined Mr. Phang and he looked flustered. ‘Even last time, ah, I pick up fifty dollars you know. Then, owner come already. Say his, I say okay and still return to him you know. I honest one.’

‘Yes, Mr. Phang, you’re an honest and upright person. We all know that and I do apologize if I gave you the wrong impression,’ said Sakaris, in a conciliatory tone. ‘But sir, why did you say you saw the accused, Mr. Tee, visit Ms. Ying not once but several times?’

‘Okay, okay. You say sorry, okay already, so forget it. Now I answer honest one,’ said Mr. Phang. ‘When the PI, the Indian one, you know. What his name?’

‘Mr. Joseph Bernard. Joe Bernard.’

‘Yah, Mr. Joe. Now I remember, last time he is police, correct?’

‘Ah, yes, Mr Joe, I meant, Mr Bernard was a former policemen,’ said Sakaris, gamely holding back his exasperation.

‘Yes, yes, same Mr Joe, when he showed me photos of Mr. Tee and Ms. Ying, I suddenly remembered.’

‘You suddenly remembered! That’s very good, Mr. Phang,’ said Sakaris. ‘Your Honor, can the witness see exhibit seven please?’

‘Hasan,’ said Judge Gurshan. And the bailiff handed two glossy eight by eight photo prints to the witness. Hasan also passed copies to Krasten and Wilona. The judge was already shuffling his copies.

‘Mr. Phang, please take a look at the woman and man in the photos,’ said Sakaris. ‘These were taken recently. Do you recognize these people?’

Mr. Phang studied the photos and shook his head. ‘Who’re they?’

Krasten mouthed a silent: Oh shit.

‘Take a good look, Mr. Phang, and please take your time. Do you recognize the people in the photographs?’

‘No, don’t know who these people,’ Mr. Phang grimaced and shook his head. ‘They Hong Kong film star, is it. Wah, the man look so stupid, the woman so ugly one, how to film star?’

‘Let the record show that the photos are of the accused and Ms. Ying.’ Sakaris held up a report as he addressed the Bench.

‘Medical science has not fully understood dementia. However, this experiment merely highlights the inconsistency of this witness’ testimony. No further questions for the witness, Your Honor.’ Sakaris gave Krasten a triumphant look and sat down. Ulani leaned forward past Sakaris and smiled at Wilona.

‘Cross examine, Mr. Bronn?’

‘Thank you, but no Your Honor,’ said Krasten meekly.

‘I cannot hear you, Mr Bronn.’ Judge Gurshan pressed.

‘My apologies, Your Honor,’ said Krasten, ‘no further questions.’

‘As you must have well deduced, Mr Bronn, the natives are not as ignorant as you might have thought.’ Judge Gurshan hit his gavel and stood up, and so did the rest of the courtroom.

*** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2017 ***

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