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Gag Order – Installment 8 – Hung like a Man

Krasten and Wilona cleared security at the ground floor of the State Courts and rode the elevator. Krasten, seeing two familiar figures, gestured to Wilona and hurried up the elevator.

They caught up with Sakaris Boey, deputy public prosecutor, late thirties and known for his dapper dressing. Beside him strode his assistant, Ulani Mathews, also in her thirties, hard and built like a man. And rumor had it she was also hung like a man.

‘Hey!’ said Sakaris. ‘Love it when a beautiful woman runs after me. Auguries of a great day in court.’ Throwing Krasten a curt nod, he said, ‘I can’t say the same about him.’

‘And how’s the happily married man?’ asked Krasten. ‘You know that’s an oxymoron. Happily and married.’ And he switched on his neon smile.

‘I get the moron part,’ shot back Sakaris. ‘I’m looking at one.’

‘Ouch!’ said Ulani. ‘And court has not even commenced.’

‘I heard you were on medical leave last week,’ said Krasten to Ulani, with his unfazed smile. ‘Hernia acting up again, is it?’

Ulani leaned close to Krasten and said, ‘The good news for you is, you’ll never suffer hernia.’ And she imitated his silly smile.

They turned into the corridor that led to the court rooms, and all four stopped as if on cue.

‘Great,’ said Sakaris. ‘Now that we’ve exchanged pleasantries, you go on ahead, Ulani.’

And the APP smiled before ripping her eyes away from Wilona’s unbuttoned shirt and marched away. Krasten, seeing the silent drama, did not hide his amusement. But Wilona, exasperated, rolled her eyes.

‘Shoot,’ said Sakaris.

‘Uh, yes,’ said Krasten. ‘We intend to request a gag order. Okay with you?’

‘What’s the trade?’ asked Sakaris.

‘I owe you one,’ said Krasten.

Sakaris gestured to Ulani who had just pulled a door open and disappeared into one of the court rooms.

‘You just insulted my best team member,’ said Sakaris.

‘I agree, she’s the best man on your team,’ said Krasten, with a grin.

‘Listen wise guy, when you come begging, be nice,’ said Sakaris. ‘I was quoting ASP Lee.’

‘Oh, you mean Tatyana.’

‘That’s what I meant.’ Sakaris shook his head and started off. And Wilona made a reprimanding face at Krasten before going after the DPP.

‘Relax, Lona,’ said Krasten, ‘the dickhead would never have agreed in the first place. I was merely rattling his marbles.’

Wilona caught up with Sakaris and said, ‘Sak. Stop! Here’s the trade. I’ll consider that offer. Meanwhile, we release his name if guilty. Why humiliate the guy?’

The two exchanged eye contact and Krasten butted in, ‘What offer?’

‘He raped a woman,’ said Sakaris, ignoring Krasten.

‘You don’t know that,’ replied Wilona.

‘Really? You know something I don’t?’

‘He’s innocent until found guilty.’

Sakaris laughed and said, ‘Guess I’ll have to reconsider that offer.’ He started off again with Wilona at his heels.

‘What offer?’ asked Krasten.

Sakaris threw a glance at Wilona’s opened shirt button and said, ‘He put you up to that?’

Wilona’s hand instinctively went to her neck. Sakaris shook his head and strutted off, amused.

‘What offer?’

‘Aww! Give it a rest, will you!’ said Wilona, and fumbled with her button.

‘Leave it!’ said Krasten.

They burst open the door and rushed into the court room.

*** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2017 ***

*** To be continued on Saturday ***