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Gag Order – Installment 6 – Glue not Super enough

Tatyana burst out of the staircase door and hurried down the corridor. She groaned as her cell phone rang again.

‘ASP Lee! Hello, Mrs. Lim. Yes, I’m on my way,’ she barked and quickened her strides. ‘You what? How dare you cane my son?’

As she rushed past his workstation, Peter swiveled on his chair and smoothly got up in a single motion. In a few strides, he caught up and fell in step with Tatyana.

‘Got a moment?’

Both walked and talked fast as their feet ate up the length of the corridor.

‘Does this look like a good moment?’

Peter held up a list and Wahab joined them. All three marched in step and people along the corridor quickly moved aside.

Her phone rang again and Tatyana whipped it out and grimaced. The caller ID flashed: Handsome Boy.

‘Make it quick,’ snapped Tatyana. She stopped at the lift and repeatedly hit the button.

‘Hitting it several times does not bring up the car any faster,’ said Peter, drawing a glare from her.

But the vibrating hand-phone distracted her. She spoke into it, ‘Handsome-Boy, Mommy will be with you soon. Hang on a moment son.’ She placed her cellphone to her chest and said, ‘Come on, Peter!’

‘Bastien claimed these are all the places he’d visited with Lavinia. We need to check them out,’ said Peter in his unhurried voice. He saw annoyance on his boss’ face and added, ‘I know we’ve enough to charge him. Now we need to ensure they stick.’

‘The glue not super enough?’

‘This Krasten Bronn character has hired a private eye, Joe Bernard, ex-police.’

‘Don’t know him.’

‘He was before your time. Anyway, they’re not merely relying on the usual he-said-she-said routine.’

‘Even the AG’s think it’s an open and shut case!’ said Tatyana.

‘How thorough have our investigations been?’ said Peter, and held up the list.

‘Look, the Sup’s already informed the AG’s to charge your guy.’ She glanced at her phone and said, ‘Shit!’ She hit the redial and after a moment said, ‘Handsome-Boy? Don’t cry. Mommy is on the way.’

‘Everything okay?’

‘Does it sound like it’s okay?’ The lift chimed and the door opened. Tatyana stepped in and turned to Peter.

‘Look, the school caned my son for something he says he didn’t do. I need to be there for him.’


‘Yes, can you believe that?’

‘I wonder where the school is taking their cue from,’ said Peter, and he held open the door which was intent on shutting.

‘Don’t start that with me again and certainly not now,’ said Tatyana. ‘Look, let’s see how it goes in court tomorrow. Till then, hold tight.’ She gestured and Peter removed his finger from the button and the door closed.

‘Check these out,’ said Peter, and he slapped the list on Wahab’s chest.

‘But the boss said—’

‘Fresh air is good for you. Do as you’re told.’ And Peter walked away.

‘Where do I start?’

‘Didn’t they teach you anything in the Academy?’ said Peter over his shoulder. ‘Do what you lot do when on a date.’


‘Start at the top and work your way down!’

*** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2017 ***

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