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Open invitation to read my latest work-in-progress novella.


Book cover mock-up by yours truly


An American defense attorney practicing in Singapore takes on the lop-sided investigative, prosecutorial and judicial processes of the Lion City.

Genre: Drama

This is a light-hearted story that focuses on entrenched discretionary practices – often at the expense of the accused – of the investigative, prosecutorial and judicial system.

Primary Characters:

KRASTEN BRONN, an American, fights the system – tries. However, his boss, JEEVAN, prefers to coast along: ‘You can’t change the system, Krassi.’

Krasten and his co-worker, WILONA of the cover girl looks, would make a great item. However, she plays coy but is also upset when ZINNIA, the office hottie, eyes Krasten.

His nemeses are two sharpies from the Attorney General’s office – SAKARIS, family man with a past to hide, and ULANI, raw beauty who has the hots for Wilona.

Krasten also has to contend with YOLANDA, a reporter whom he once had a fling with and now a declared man-hater. Hmmm.  Sequel?

We also have JUDGE GURSHAN who openly declares his love for the law as practiced in Singapore because: ‘It’s all about me.’ No jury trials in Singapore.

The police: ASP TATYANA LEE, government poster girl (scholar, wife, tiger-mum and career woman) who runs on overdrive. To her consternation, INSP PETER HONG, an older weather worn cop, clings to notions of honor and fair play. Peter mentors a younger officer, SGT MOHAMED WAHAB, who confuses tech savvy for wisdom.

Finally, JOE BERNARD, private investigator and retired cop, works outside the system but with friends within.

GAG ORDER is thin on the law and relies instead on the characters and their relationships to drive the story.

An affair turns sour and the woman cries rape. The court protects the woman’s identity but refuses to accord anonymity to the man. He is found innocent but the publicity ruins his life.


Twice a week, on Saturdays and Wednesdays, I’ll post installments of about 400 to 600 words. The manuscript is in its first draft stage, so please feel free to point out errors.

Join me next week, Saturday, 10 June, for the first installment. See you soon!

*** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2017 ***