“Tell me, O Rakshasa, why do you torment me so?” cried the Great Teacher of his people.

“So that I may serve My Lord,” growled the Demon King.

“The Evil One, you serve the Evil One!” wailed the Great Teacher.

The Lokas reverberated with derisive laughter.


“By tormenting Man? Surely, that is service to the Evil One,” continued the Great Teacher of the Faithful. “And truly you are the epitome of a rakshasan.”

“Scholar, mystic and philosopher you might be, among Man. But in the Realms, your wisdom is less than that of a worm.”

“Before you tear me asunder, tell me, I beseech you, so that I can understand my fate.”

“My choice was Nine Lives on earth, to be enchanting, loved and cuddled by Man.”

“And you gave up nine rounds of beauty and love in exchange to be evil? What madness is this?” lamented the Old Man.

Waves of laughter boomed.

“Beauty as you view it, is transient at worst, an illusion at best.”

“And love, surely, is not love the finest of all gifts?” cried the Old Man.

“You parrot regarding matters you not know of, Great-Tea-cher-of-Man.”

The hideous Being stomped towards the trembling Old Man.

“My love for my Lord is fathomless.”

“Can one such as you be capable of love?” The Old Man managed a feeble cackle.

“I chose One Life to be reviled by worms, so I may hasten my time on the Third and repair quickly to regain my service to Him, to find great joy at His Feet, which I shall wash with my tears of bliss, dry with my locks of hair and offer up my head to serve as footstool.”

“To serve the Evil One?”

“To serve  My Lord.”

“Truly you serve all that is evil, O Rakshasa. And it is right that your deeds damn you.”

“You judge quickly, Old Man, and whereof this great love for your enemy, that you preached from the plains to the mountains, even as you fattened yourself off the labour of your brethren?”

“By my death and the deaths of millions upon millions, even if you are redeemed, what of us who perish? Are our lives not wasted?”

“Behold the leaves that flutter to the earth, Old Man. Is that a waste? Lament not now, the choice you freely made, for you are but only a tenth conscious.”

“I will give my life and even my soul freely to my God, but I made no bargain to pay your ransom,” cried the Old Man.

“Here. A Gift from your God and My Lord.”

The Demon King placed a grain of sand in the Old Man’s palm.

“And that’s how much you know and as surely as you are, less than a worm.” The Demon King stood back and declared,

“Prepare yourself, Old Man, for your God, who is My Lord, beckons me, and you.”

“Your Evil Lord can never be my One True God.”

“And yet, feeble as you are in body, mind and soul, you spake the truth. There is but only One True God.”

****** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2016 ******


  1. God, Ishwar, Allah – Trinity of Deception.

    The CREATOR……created this Trinity as the Syllabus / Guru / Teacher and then the Creator… had to create…. the Examiner …..Satan, the Ultimate Question Paper Setter and the Evaluator !!

    And the system WORKS….not for us but for the CREATOR… because it is HIS not OURS !!

    1. Hello Surinder,
      I marvel at your thoughts here.
      You’re right. It works for the Creator and who are we humans to try to rationalize (and, in the process, get stumped).
      All good wishes, my friend,

  2. Love of man, Love of God and God’s Love of Man. These are truly things we cannot know, can we? The questions, the riddles these are things we are plagued with constantly.

    This was, as always so very well done.

    1. Hello Val dear,
      What you say is very true. Humans assume that the expression of love – in thoughts, words and actions – is universal. And they are perhaps right for this world – however, not necessarily for all “worlds”.
      Thank you for your visit and comment.
      All good wishes,

    1. Hello Ian,
      Yes, the Rakshasa are the evil ones. And yes, I did borrow freely from Hindu mythology.
      Hope and trust that your weekend is going well,

  3. “…..but in the Realms, your wisdom is less than that of a worm.” I reckon this will never go down well with those who preaches the faith. They are supposed to be the chosen ones, as God’s messengers.

    A very different angle that seems to illustrate not all can be defined as black and white, they are more grey that we do not notice easily.

    1. Jasey dear,
      In my humble opinion, religion has long been hijacked by self-serving men who treat the gods, they pretend to revere, into nothing more than puppets.
      Because, as the Brothers Grinn said, “Once you make the Bald One divine, then, you can make into whatever you want him to be.”
      All good wishes,

  4. God’s way is indeed difficult to understand or analyze and when man attempts to box it within their feeble knowledge, they end up passing judgement as what they see superficially. Who is to say the tormentor is bad or the victim is good. Each is assigned a task and if he/she delivers to God’s requirements, then it is well accomplished.

    You have given a twist to the true meaning of love for God, Eric.

    1. Very true, Windy dear,
      Humans tend to increasingly compartmentalize everything – as they slowly lose the patience and the ability to truly understand someone, something.
      All good wishes,

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