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Wow! A 5-star review from “Anne Lee”.

I could not tell from the Amazon website, where she lives but Anne if you are reading this – thank you so very much. Reviews such as yours make it all worthwhile. Thank you, you made my day – make that, my week!

If you have published and received reviews – please share how you reacted and responded. For me, it’s worth more than money.

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Anne titled her review:

A unique experience of finishing a self-help book in one read and found all my answers.

May 3, 2014 By Anne Lee

This is totally radical! Most of HR books tend to be thick and heavy in contents. Layers of theories and principles to remember, enough for me to shelf it, maybe permanently. Human Capital Growth Model, this book is a steal. I get a simple five(5) steps procedure of how to set up my own table of evaluation (no complicated calculation, just using a very basic spreadsheet).

The clear explanations with anecdotes from the author’s experiences add humor and logical thinking to his analysis. He breaks complicated processes to simple and easily digestible portion that let me experience a smooth, pleasurable and most interesting read. What is more, after reading the book, I don’t have this question of: “so how and where do I start”. No, the answers are in there. I have applied the method taught, come up with my own table and I can tweak my contents anytime as required. You may think I am crazy to say this book is a page turner, and get all excited, but that is exactly what is shown in my headline. Many books promise answers but this book delivers the answers.

I love this book….

************ To Anne Lee ************

I hope you are reading this – Thank you 🙂

************ Kind Regards, Eric ************